Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 14, 2014

Lackwerke Peters Announces New High Viscosity White Opaque Conformal Coating ELPEGUARD SL 1397 HV

By a selective coating of LED boards with the white opaque conformal coating ELPEGUARD® SL 1397 HV one can achieve a high light output: LEDs are left out during coating while dark components are covered, in such way that the reflectivity will distinctly increase. ELPEGUARD® SL 1397 HV features very high reflectivity ratings (> 0,9 at 460 nm) along with a very high light stability and heat resistance.

Ideally, SL 1397 HV should be processed by spraycoating. This new highly viscous adjustment SL 1397 HV allows to apply white opaque protective layers by either dipping or dispensing in order to cover individual components. Owing to the purely physical drying relatively high layers are possible without any defects or tension in the lacquer film.

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