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Products, Materials + Tools | May 06, 2010

Lackwerke Peters Presents New Products for LED Applications at SMT/HYBRID/PACKAGING 2010

Lackwerke Peters, which offers a broad range of conformal coatings, casting compounds and circuit printing lacquers will showcase some new and improved products, which are predestined for use in LED applications.

Thixotropic conformal coatings for dam-and-fill applications
The colourless-transparent, fluorescent conformal coating ELPEGUARD® SL 1307 FLZ-T is the thixotropic adjustment of the conformal coating ELPEGUARD® SL 1307 FLZ/2 which can be easily and precisely applied by means of a dispenser, and is therefore perfectly suited for building dams around plugs, components and contact surfaces to limit the application area of a subsequently applied conformal coating (dam and fill). A liquid flow after application ensures that the component legs are completely surrounded.
FP 109-0824, a solvent-free, purely UV-curing system is ideal for covering sharp-edged component legs. It allows to build dams around plugs to prevent the penetration of the subsequently applied conformal coating. However, this system does not provide shadow-curing and should thus not be applied underneath components.

ELPEGUARD® thick film lacquers of the series TWIN-CURE® DSL 1600 E-FLZ
All lacquers of the series TWIN-CURE® DSL 1600 E-FLZ are known for their high performance under mechanical, chemical and climatic stress conditions. They achieve the best flame class V-0 in accordance with UL 94 and comply with the requirements of IPC-CC-830B. In addition, these UV-curing, solvent-free systems are characterized by a high transparency and yellowing resistance and are perfectly suited for coating optical components such as sensors or LEDs. A second curing mechanism ensures that the lacquer will also fully cure in shadow areas without an additional annealing step. The following new developments are available: DSL 1600 E-FLZ/500, a medium-viscous version for precise application, and FP 109-0903, a flexible adjustment of the low-viscous DSL 1600 E-FLZ/75 which has an outstanding thermal shock resistance due to its high elasticity.

Pure white, covering and photoimageable: ELPEMER® 2-pack solder resist SD 2491 SM-TSW-R1
The latest version of the white covering ELPEMER® 2-pack solder resists, SD 2491 SM-TSW-R1, is a special yellowing resistant photoimageable solder resist with high covering power for applications with a high resolution. The index R1 stands for an improved remission. In comparison to the basic ELPEMER® SD 2491 SM-TSW the development success is reflected by clearly higher remission and brightness values (L = 93) as well as once more improved colour stability after thermal stresses, so that this lacquer is even still whiter and first and foremost also remains white! The silk-mat, halogen-free SD 2491 SM-TSW keeps also after high temperature stresses, as for example at lead-free reflow soldering, its white colour (Index TSW = thermally stable white) and thus meets high optical requirements.

Plugging paste PP 2795 T for safe processes in the HDI-/SBU technology
The plugging paste PP 2795 T is used for the planar filling/plugging of buried vias in High Density Interconnect (DHI) / Sequential Build Up (SBU) technology. Blister-free, plane hole plugs can be created, which are distinguished by a good adhesion, grindability and metallisability. Owing to its solids content of 100 % nearly no volume shrinkage occurs during curing. The low coefficient of thermal expansion grants a safe processing at the application of multiple plane insulation layers without cracking or delamination of the applied layers. The application of the plugging paste PP 2795 T can be applied by means of screen and stencil printing, vacuum plugging processes and roller coating.

B/W coating materials for optoeletronics applications
In the field of optoelectronics the visual appearance of the conformal coatings and casting compounds used is just as important as the task of protecting the electronics from environmental influences. Jet-black, opaque casting compounds offer an excellent contrast to the embedded LEDs. The black Wepuran casting compound VU 4443/41 HE-NV is a solvent-free 2-pack casting compound based on polyurethane resin (PUR) which already cures at room temperature and with a high elasticity at temperatures up to 90°C can be used as a substitute for expensive silicone-rubber casting compounds. White coating materials must have a high reflectivity and yellowing resistance so as not to falsify the colour of the light. Even after exposure to intense sunlight, the white polyurethane resin-based casting compound VU 4490/31 K exhibits only minimum surface yellowing which, however, is in no way detrimental to the protective effect. The comparatively hard potting result provides a safe shield for high-quality and shock-sensitive electronic components, LED lamps, illuminated keyboards and fittings and many more. With its smooth white surface, the potted object has a classy appearance.

The white conformal coating ELPEGUARD SL 1397 is a physically drying 1-pack lacquer. Once dry, it boasts a uniform white-opaque surface with high reflectivity values even after thermal stress.

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