Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 26, 2010

LedEngin, Inc. Announces Production Release of Its 10-Watt ``RGBA'' and Amber Products

LedEngin, Inc. today announced production availability of its 10-Watt multi-wavelength RGBA product. The LZ4-00MA10 LED emitter contains individually addressable red, green, blue and amber dies in an ultra small 7mm square power LED package.

The individual addressability and control of the four channels enables the LED to produce not only millions of colors but also any color temperature or hue of white with an enhanced color rendering index (CRI). Depending on the target color temperature, CRI values approaching 90 are achievable with the RGBA emitter, on the order of 2-3X that possible with a RGB solution.

LedEngin's RGBA multi chip package reduces the required color mixing distance, enabling smaller fixtures and color matching of direct view color from the fixture with the projected light on target, eliminating the multicolor spot effect when using discrete mono-color LEDs for color tunable lighting installations. The high quality of white light achievable with the RGBA product also makes it suitable for a variety of applications where the combination of tunable color point and high quality white light is critical. Target applications for this new product include architectural, stage and studio, interior and retail lighting.

"We are very excited about these new additions to our product portfolio," said David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of LedEngin. "Our RGBA product offers a unique alternative for both dynamic color changing and tunable white lighting applications with significant advantages over alternative solutions. Tremendous interest in this product has already been generated and we look forward to supporting our customers in their design in activities," added Tahmassebi.

The LZ4-00MA10 product is capable of sustained operation at over 10 Watts. Proprietary LedEngin packaging technology enables the industry's lowest thermal resistance and highest environmental reliability in an ultra small form factor surface mountable package. The RGBA emitter is also available on a standard metal core printed circuit board.

LedEngin has also expanded its direct color product portfolio with the release of 3, 5, 10 and 15-Watt amber products. Typical performance levels of up to 300 lumens in amber are achievable in the 10 and 15-Watt amber packages enabling high flux density for warning, strobe and high power signaling applications.

About LedEngin:
LedEngin, Inc. develops and manufactures industry leading high-power LED components and solid-state light engine modules for variety of applications requiring ultra-high power SSL solutions with emphasis on ultra-brightness and quality and reliable light source. Its patent pending unique technologies in thermal management, stress management, optical design, and manufacturing processes deliver LED components and subsystems with industry leading performance enable emerging applications to reach volume production quickly. For more information, contact Leonard Livschitz at 408-492-0620 or email LedEngin at or visit us on the web at