Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

LEXEDIS: “Zero Colour Bin”

LEXEDIS Lighting demonstrates the superior quality of its new generation of light sources – XED – by announcing its High Efficiency Digital Light sources will be free of any colour binning in the white emission. Traditional white LED manufacturing processes result in multiple bins at each colour temperature for the customer. LEXEDIS has eliminated once and for all cumbersome colour binning by exceeding typical process capabilities.

LEXEDIS defines the quality of its chromatic field using the MacAdam metric implemented worldwide by fluorescent manufacturers. NanoXED from LEXEDIS, the world’s first High Efficiency Digital Light source is rated as 6-step MacAdam, surpassing the 7-step MacAdam requirement of the US Energy Star program.

In its pursuit for superior white light quality, LEXEDIS introduces its “Zero Colour Bin” logo to the lighting industry as a mark of its superior process control and focus on ease of ordering and control for the customer. nanoXED is the first XED device to feature absolute “Zero Colour Bin” making it an undisputed leader in highest white light quality.
This logo will guarantee long-term reproducibility of colour homogeneity over the range of standard correlated colour temperatures 3500 K, 4200 K and 6500 K. The tangible benefit for all customers being a simplified and consistent supply of superior white light resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
LEXEDIS has once again exceeded the limits for the adoption of its High Efficiency Digital Light technology into the fast growing illumination market and delivers superior economic value to its customers worldwide.
LEXEDIS Lighting GmbH, a joint venture company between TridonicAtco of Austria and Toyoda Gosei of Japan, develops and produces innovative and high performance digital light sources promoted worldwide under the XED brand. LEXEDIS is a fast growing and customer-oriented company providing highly engineered product solutions for the advancement of High Efficiency Digital Light sources.