Products, Materials + Tools | Jun 02, 2014

Lextar Provides the Best High Density COB Solutions for Commercial Lighting

Lextar has now announced complete COB product line – the new “Nimbus” Series, covering widely from 500 to 10,000 lm, applicable to par lamp, down light, track light, street lights and high bays. COB is widely adopted recently thanks to its quality light, no multi shadow, low thermal resistance and good uniformity. In the upcoming 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Lextar will launch new Nimbus-P series with small LES and high density COB. Nimbus-P COB uses flip chip technology providing benefits of high lumen per area and high quality light which is the best solution for commercial lighting.

Lextar COB Nimbus Series offers a wide range of light outputs from 500lm to 10,000lm. We provide high quality total solutions of general lighting including down light, spot light, track light and industrial lighting. With high quality standard, Lextar COB Nimbus Series refers to the specifications of Energy Star offering CIE bin with 3-Step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse to keep best color consistency for designs that use single light source, COB. Lextar also provides 85oC hot color targeting to have direct correlation between COB and luminaires.

Lextar COB Nimbus Series provides:

  • Complete series from 4W~120W, for all kinds of applications
  • Light emitting surface compatible with ZHAGA standard
  • High efficacy
  • Offering 3 step binning with CRI 70, 80 and 90
  • Low Rth, good heat dissipation


Lextar Nimbus-P Series provides:

  • High density lumen output, ideal for traditional light source, such s CMH replacement
  • Excellent reliability, no wire-bonding needed
  • Good light distribution and color uniformity
  • Simplifying optical lens design

Application suggestion:

  • Down light
  • Par20, Par30, Par38
  • Track light
  • Flood light
  • High/ Low bay


Nimbus-P Series is Lextar’s new COB series with small LES and plan to MP in Q3 2014. Nimbus-P Series is using flip chip technology which is simplified by none wire-bonding process. It can not only reduce the production risk caused by lamp assembly but also improve up to 50% lumen output under the same LES. Nimbus-P Series are designed as LES 6, 9 and 12mm with light outputs from 1,000 lm to 5,000 lm. Light source quality can replace to CHM directly which is also the best solution for commercial lighting.

Lextar COB Nimbus Series is available with CCTs of 2700 to 5700K and color quality (CRI) levels of 70, 80 or 90 for different kinds of design and applications. For specific applications such as museum or commercial lights that require a minimum 90 CRI, Nimbus Series deliver up to 105 lm/W warm white solution (3000K CCT, 90 CRI and R9>50).

For better cost for optical solutions, light-emitting surface (LES) of Lextar COB Nimbus Series is designed as 9, 13.5 and 23mm which are also complied with Zhaga standard.

In addition, substrate design of Lextar COB Nimbus Series with low Rth (Thermal resistance,℃/W) provides advantage on mechanical design for luminaire. Better heat transfer improved reliability of the lighting system.

The 19th Guangzhou International Lighting ExhibitioIn will be held from June 9th (Mon) to 12th (Thu) 2014 at China, which is the most comprehensive lighting and LED event in Asia, Lextar will showcase the new Nimbus Series, and welcome your visit at Hall 10.2 Stand C19 in Guangzhou,China.

About Lextar
Lextar Electronics Corporation is a global leader in LED (Light Emitting Diode) solutions with a strategic advantage of integrating upper stream epitaxial, middle stream chip, downstream package and LED lighting applications. Founded in May 2008, Lextar is a subsidiary of AU Optronics, the leading TFT-LCD and solar PV manufacturer. With nearly 1,700 patents worldwide, Lextar is an innovator of product applications, which include: LCD backlights, luminaire, and various lighting solutions. To further stretch its market advantage, Lextar acquired LightHouse Technology Inc. in March 2010 and Wellpower Optronics in February 2013. It currently has 3 manufacturing plants in Taiwan, and 2 in China. Lextar’s revenue in 2013 reached US$ 462 million.