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Lextar to Release Micro LED Chip and UFP I-Mini RGB Display Module

The vertically integrated LED company Lextar Electronics will be releasing new Micro LED chip technology, with the chip size under 20µm. It will also be releasing two chip technologies: R/G/B Micro LED and Color Conversion Micro LED chip. As for Mini LED products, Lextar will debut the next generation UFP I-Mini RGB display module, and slim Mini LED light board for panel backlights. The series of latest Micro and Mini LED technologies will make their debuts at the Touch Taiwan 2018 exhibition.

Lextar announced its ability of Micro LED chip today; its size is as small as under 20 µm, and its luminous efficiency can reach over 30%. In addition, Lextar also announced two new technologies including R/G/B Micro LED chip and color conversion Micro LED chip, which can meet different Micro LED mass transfer processes. The Company is also one of the few in the industry manufacturing flip chip, lateral and vertical Micro LED chip. Micro LED has the advantages of high resolution, high brightness, fast response time, long life, slim and compact. It is a revolutionary display technology applicable for wearing devices, smart phones, VR and automotive displays.

Lextar also release a series of Mini LED products, including UFP I-Mini RGB display module (Ultra Fine Pitch Integrated Mini RGB Display Module) that transferred mini RGB chips onto drive circuit substrates. Not only does this combine traditional SMT and chip level packaging technology, it has even integrated control circuit and LED display chips. The UFP I-Mini RGB display module can realize a minimal pitch to 0.3 mm, allowing high image quality and simplified processes. It is very suitable to apply at indoor and semi-outdoor fields. In terms of backlight application, Lextar will show mini LED light boards for 32 inch and 15.6 inch panels. It is able to realize HDR 1,000 nits high dynamic contrast, and make panels significantly slimmer, reducing the OD area down to under 0.3 mm. It is applicable for high-end notebooks, gaming monitors area down to under 0.3 mm. It is applicable for high-end notebooks, gaming monitors and automotive panels.

Lextar stated that the company has always leads the industry in LED technologies. They have actively invested in the next generation LED miniaturization development trend for the series of Micro and Mini LED products announced this time from chip, packaging, testing, assembly, module, circuit drives to sub-systems, and already have close cooperation in all aspects with several partners.

About Lextar Electronics:

Lextar Electronics Corp. (TAIEX: 3698), founded in 2008 in Taiwan, is a subsidiary of AU Optronics, the world-class TFT-LCD and solar PV manufacturer. Lextar specializes in manufacturing high-brightness LED epitaxial, chips and packages, as well as energy-saving and smart lighting products. The range of applications includes LCD backlighting, LED light module, LED light source, luminaires and automotive lighting. The company now houses around 4,500 employees and its headquarters is in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. Lextar has two manufacturing sites in Taiwan, and three in China, which are Suzhou, Chuzhou and Xiamen respectively. Lextar’s turnover in 2017: USD 403 million. Corporate website: