Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 25, 2014

LG Innotek’s New High Power LED Improves Efficacy by 30% up to 167 lm/W

LG Innotek announces the release of a new high power LED technology, with a 30% lumen efficacy improvement over its previous products. The proprietary “next-gen” vertical chip technology boasts up to 167lm/W, now positioned as one of the world’s best performing High Power LED’s. This represents a 30% improvement in performance versus previous high power products,

LG Innotek’s “next-gen” vertical chip technology is suitable for high temperature environments, such as 85°C or above, where the performance degrades less than 5%, while typical LEDs show greater light output degradation.

LG Innotek’s high power LEDs are optimal for outdoor/indoor applications such as street lights and commercial High Bay lighting.  The high efficiency of the LED package allows for design optimization, making the OEM’s light fixture more market competitive and differentiated. LG Innotek also plans to release higher CRI (Color Rendering Index) products (90 or higher) to serve the more demanding commercial lighting market.

In addition, LG Innotek ensured high reliability because of the improvement in the heat dissipation capability with LED epitaxial growth technology and packaging technology. So it has more than 54,000 hour’s life. And 'LM-80’ (The U.S Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)’s LED Lighting reliability ratings) certification was completed and officially recognized package’s reliability.

About LG Innotek, Inc.:
LG Innotek is a global specialized materials and components manufacturer and an affiliate of LG Group. LG Innotek, established in 1970, recorded about USD 5.7 billion (6.2 trillion won) in sales in 2013 and works with around 19,000 employees worldwide in 22 operations. LG Innotek is pouring its energy into the core material and parts of the technology advanced industry, including LEDs, PCBs, Mobiles, Displays, Networks, Automotive, etc. In addition, LG Innotek is adding fresh fuel to the development of future eco-friendly material and parts like solar cells, electric car parts, etc.
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