Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 11, 2016

Light Avenue Widens Portfolio to Offer High Voltage LED Chips

Light Avenue offers two new blue Led dice emitting at typ. 460 nm and typ. 5500-6000 mW @700 respectively @525 mA measurement current. The high voltage LED chip is suitable for general lighting applications like track lights or high bay lighting applications.

The two new blue LED chips in 12 V and 24 V are intended for general lighting applications.

LA SB140VP1 (12 V):

This 140 mil chip in its dimension 3,5x3,5 mm² emits form 450-465 nm and performs with a radiant power from of typ. 5500 mW depending on the driving current and binning.

LA SB140VP2 (24V):

The 140 mil chip emits from 450-465 nm and performs at typ. 6000 mW @525mA depending on the driving current and binning.

The LA SB140VP1 (12V) and LA SB140VP2 (24V) LED chips offer high performance for general lighting applications.

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About Light Avenue:

The optoelectronic specialist Light Avenue offers a unique service portfolio as a fabless LED chip supplier. The product range starts from ultra violett (UV), blue, green and red to infrareds in sizes varying from 8 to 60 mil. White LED chips in cold-, neutral-, and warm white are also available as well as high voltage LEDs. Since it is the company’s ambition to only contract high quality suppliers and partners, Light Avenue can meet specific customer requirements at a high quality standard.