Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 16, 2014

Lighten Releases a New Generation of High Power Multi-Color CoB-LED Solutions

Thanks to LED solution for general lighting is getting mature, Taiwan Lighten Corp. succeeds to leverage their excellent knowledge & experience from high-end general lighting an even more challenging field - professional stage lighting applications. Lighten can achieve their next targets with higher color performance / uniformity / multi-color mixing / high power output / high CRI values, as they known from most important industry users’ VOC.

Rod Lin (CTO of Lighten Corp.) says "we are proud to released our CoB products for LED stage lighting applications from 5 W~500 W, with high Ra value (CRI~98), multi-color array design (RGB / RGBW), of course these new products offer also our typical Lighten CoB features like lowe system Rth (< 0.52) & anti-vulcanization and higher COB efficiency." He than adds "by integration with all features we can ensure that next generation LED stage lighting can provide higher power output, color stability, well multi-color mixing, uniformity, sharp light bin angle, and the most important is the true color like fixture results."

Features of Lighten’s stage lighting COBs:
•    All COB structure (3 W~500 W), small emitting area and good for optical lens design. Solid /sharp shadow.
•    Excellent system thermal dispassion design, lower system Rth values , by high grade copper interposer / substrates.
•    <3 steps of SCDM, and lower thermal color shifting.
•    Less than 3% of thermal efficiency decay. ( more than 3000 hours continue light-on)
•    Anti-vulcanization treatment, no surface discoloration issue.
•    CRI (Ra) > 95 & R9> 80.
•    Multi-color COB array design ( RGB /RGBA /RGBW) , individual driver input .( DMX system compliable )
•    Suitable for common industry parts and ODM is acceptable.
•    Made in Taiwan, high grate quality control, quick lead time.

For additional information and details, please contact for enquiry, or visit the Lighten website

About Lighten Corp:
Lighten Corp. based professional COB LED integrated light source manufactures and sales, mainly due to the diversification and internationalization of business objectives, so constantly in technical research and development and sophisticated in order to meet customer requirements, mining and establish a stable and forward-looking footstepsexpectations in this rapidly changing economic environment, to create a better future.
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Core technologies: Lighten corp collection IC carrier board design, carrier board manufacturing, LED packaging, materials science from all walks of life elite composed team, team personnel are in the original field of nearly two decades of experience in the industry leaders, the Hang Day photoelectric core technology thatits team's experience.
Core values​​: "Talent", "technology", "high moral standards", "vivid", "innovation" is the Lighten corp shared beliefs with the basic principles of the company's operations and decision-making.
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