Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 23, 2013

Lighten Unveils LightanIV COB Emitter for Philips Xitanium High Voltage Power Series

Lighten Corp., leading LED COB Emitter provider, launches its latest Lightan IV HV COB LED Emitter. This series provides not only low thermal resistance, high lumen output efficacy, anti-vulcanization emitters but also dedicated design for Philips Xitanium high voltage power series with high transfer efficiency and best quality.

Through special layout and unique material, Lightan IV HV COB series can stand high voltage while other metal substrates can’t overcome this problem. With Philips Xitanium series power, Lightan IV HV COB series can increase 5% power transfer efficiency (ie 5% light output efficacy) and make high power lamp application in line with different requirement more easily.

Critical dimension like emitting area and tooling hole of Lightan IV HV COB series is identical to the most popular molding leadframe package in Asia. Lamp manufacturer can replace emitter / power directly to get more light output efficacy with more confidence based on Lighten’s high quality product and Philips power.

Lightan IV HV COB series provide different High CRI (70, 80, 90) options for customer In 2013, Lighten Corp. keeps its pace to provide high power, high efficiency, the best quality, energy-saving COB emitters for customers’ various needs.

About Lighten Corp.:
Lighten Corp. based professional COB LED integrated light source manufacturing and sales, mainly; due to the diversification and internationalization of business objectives, so constantly in technical research and development and sophisticated in order to meet customer requirements, mining and establish a stable and forward-looking footstepsexpectations in this rapidly changing economic environment, to create a better future.
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