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Products, Materials + Tools | May 19, 2007

Lumi-tech releases SSE phosphor for white LEDs

Lumi-tech Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has started marketing of phosphor SSE for white LED packaging. This phosphor is made on silicate system so it doesn’t have garnet structure like YAG.

About excitation which can be done on very widely limits of wavelength near ultra violet 390nm to 480nm, and emission wavelength is 580 nm. So their luminescence color is warm white color like tungsten lamp, it should be indicated around 2800k in color temperature. So chromaticity can be adjusted by ratio of phosphor and changing wavelength of excitation. You can get natural white color of 6000k.
So many kinds of white LED by using phosphor and blue LED chip appear on the market in the world already, but it is difficult to find warm white light product. Lumi-tech suppose that warm white light LED would be necessary to illuminate living environment gradually in these days. In quite near future, lighting will be chosen in so many colors, in so many degrees of brightness and in so many ways so that warm white LED will get an important part of their lighting fixtures. Of course cold white light with high-intensity keeps on casting an important part still and from now on also. But in field of lighting, it will be the time to choose your favorite white light for any time, any places and any occasions of your living life.

This SSE phosphor is a first product of business plan of Lumi-tech. Lumi-tech has some other development of own product also for lighting scene. It would be shown various products in near future not only phosphor.

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