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Lumileds Unveils Luxeon Flash 9X with Spectral Pure Technology for Flagship Smartphones

Lumileds today reasserted its market leading position in camera flash LEDs while at Mobile World Congress by introducing the Luxeon Flash 9X with Spectral Pure Technology LED that produces photos with the finest color quality. Noted for its small form factor (1.4 x 1.4 mm chip scale package), this robust LED is ideally suited to produce photos with vivid colors including the most realistic skin tones captured on any smart phone. "The improved picture quality with Spectral Pure Technology is stunning when compared side-by-side with photos captured at 80 CRI, the former industry standard. Pictures taken with LEDs supported by Spectral Pure Technology have richer colors and facial tones appear more attractive than before," said Thierry De Smet, Director of Product Marketing at Lumileds.

Key to this exceptional color quality is the spectral optimization of the camera flash, which matches the camera response curve and is characterized by its Camera Color Index (CCI), a more effective metric Lumileds is introducing to replace Color Rendering Index, CRI, for camera applications. "CRI really only applies when viewing objects directly with the human eye, but a camera captures colors differently, and the flash should be designed to counter this difference," said De Smet.

The  Luxeon Flash 9X with Spectral Pure Technology is a high power LED that features industry leading flux of 240 lm at 1A drive current and 25°C, and is hot flux stable at higher currents. The flash is produced at 4500 K color temperature with excellent color stability of ±250 K. Lumileds provides the highest reliability devices with the industry's first 1:1 LED traceability.

Additional information about Spectral Pure Technology can be found in our White Paper on the subject.

For more information on the  Luxeon Flash 9X with Spectral Pure Technology, reach out to or customers can contact their local Lumileds representative.

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