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Luminus Devices Pico-CoBs Offer the Smallest LES and Enable Tiny Light Fixtures with Punch

Luminus Devices is expanding its Gen4 LED CoB portfolio with two new Pico-CoBs with high-output and very small light emitting surfaces (LES) that enable spotlights with compact form factors, narrow beam angles, and high center beam candle power.

Small, 6 mm LES, CoBs are typically limited to approximately 9 degree viewing angles. Luminus' new Pico-CoBs enable fixtures with viewing angles as narrow as 5 degrees and produce high flux density, or punch, that is so important for high quality-of-light directional lighting applications for museum, residential, hospitality, and other environments.

The CXM-3 has an LES of 3.5 mm and produces up to 675 lumens of 90 CRI minimum warm 3000 K light, which makes it an ideal replacement for a 50 W halogen spot. The CXM-4 has an LES of 4.5 mm and generates up to 1255 lumens, and as with all Luminus CoBs, these new devices are specified and 100% factory tested at a junction temperature of 85°C, to ensure performance and consistency that meets the users' expectations in real-world application conditions.

"Our Pico-CoBs with Gen4 technology really get luminaire designers excited because they can leverage our higher max case temperatures and max drive currents to create innovative new designs with smaller form factors," said Tom Jory, VP of Illumination Marketing at Luminus Devices. "This means lighting designers can specify luminaires with our Pico-CoBs and create unique dramatic effects with longer throws and narrower beams produced by tiny fixtures incorporating sleek designs that are hidden in the architecture."

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About Luminus Devices, Inc:

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