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Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 02, 2011

Luminus Devices' SBM-160 Color Mixing Big Chip LED™ Premiered at PLASA 2011

Luminus Devices, Inc., the industry leader in Big Chip LEDs, announced that its newest color-mixing LED chip has premiered at PLASA 2011 as the light engine of four i-Pix fixtures from the popular BB series of LED entertainment lights: the BB1, BB2, BB4 & BB7.

• Extremely high optical output:
up to 270 Red lumens
up to 640 Green lumens
up to 120 Blue lumens
up to 550 White lumens
• High thermal conductivity package - junction to heat sink thermal resistance as low as 1.48 ºC/W per die
• Photonic lattice technology for very high surface brightness and uniform emission
• Four big chips with emitting area of up to 4 mm2 each
• Environmentally friendly: RoHS compliant
• Variable drive currents: less than 1 A through 4 A
• Available in RGBW combination

i-Pix Digital Light, a leading LED entertainment lighting fixture manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom, is demonstrating the upgraded fixtures at this year’s PLASA show. “Luminus’ SBM-160 has enabled i-Pix to hot-rod its complete BB fixture series, which now emits four times the light output for the same power consumption,” i-Pix founder and director Chris Ewington says. “We are already known for our innovative LED digital lighting products, and are excited that we can now offer such a substantial increase in brightness while keeping power consumption at the same level as the previous generation of BB fixtures.”

"By offering a surface mount RGBW package with exceptional output from a small emitting area, we've enabled i-Pix to deliver a substantial output boost across an entire product line with minimal changes in their platform,” says Don McDaniel, Ph.D., Director of Global Entertainment for Luminus. “The SBM-160 extends the success of the revolutionary CBM-380 into the realm of smaller luminaires while continuing to provide the lumen punch we're known for.”

“When we began working with i-Pix, we kept their underlying mission of LED innovation that delivers strong ecological benefits in mind. Plus, we all were working to make i-Pix’s product upgrade a game-changer within their space,” says Bruce Lynch, Director of Lighting, EMEA at EBV Elektronik. “As i-Pix’s chosen distributor, we became excited about being able to provide a light engine solution along with application support that would result in such a significant increase in output. Offering high value, cutting-edge technology opto-semiconductor solutions is what EBV LightSpeed is all about.”
The newest generation of Luminus-powered i-Pix BB series fixtures was on display in i-Pix’s booth #2-P18 at PLASA 2011, the leading international tradeshow for event, installation and entertainment technology.

About Luminus Devices:
Luminus Devices, Inc. develops and manufactures high-performance, solid-state light sources. Luminus’ Big Chip LEDs™  are engineered for a variety of markets including projection display, indoor and outdoor general lighting, entertainment and medical lighting plus ultraviolet applications. Corporate headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located near Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.  
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About i-Pix:
i-Pix Digital Light Ltd., headquartered in the United Kingdom, produces high quality LED lighting fixtures designed primarily for the entertainment industry. Pioneering the development of high power LED light engines and homogenized optics, i-Pix’s range of fixtures has grown to encompass the aspirations of energy conscious lighting designers. Fixtures are designed to last and come future-proofed with upgrade capability as technology advances; homogenized optical paths, quality light engines, and tight color binning are built into fixtures engineered to work around the world.
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About EBV Elektronik:
EBV Elektronik, an Avnet (NYSE:AVT) company, was founded in 1969 and is the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution. EBV maintains its successful strategy of personal commitment to customers and excellent services. 240 Technical Sales Specialists provide a strong focus on a selected group of long-term manufacturing partners. 120 continuously trained Application Specialists offer extensive application know-how and design expertise. Warehouse operations, complete logistics solutions and value-added services such as programming, taping & reeling and laser marking are fulfilled by Avnet Logistics, EBV’s logistical backbone and Europe’s largest service centre. EBV operates from 60 offices in 28 countries throughout EMEA (Europe -
Middle East - Africa). For more information, visit