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Mid-Power LED Light Source Features High Lumen Density

Sharp is introducing a new lighting-class, multi-chip LED (nicknamed the Flash Brick), featuring very high lumen density in a small package.
The GM1BW78140A is the 0.5 Watt Flash Brick. It features an electrically isolated, exposed pad design for excellent heat transfer from the package to the motherboard. The Flash Brick reduces the overall system cost through reducing the number of system components. It is an excellent solution for lighting and any other applications that require a high light output in a small space.
The GM1BW78140A is reflow-compatible, to allow more freedom and flexibilityfor the light source designer.
Part Specifications:


 Forward Voltage (V)


Color Coordinates (x,y) 

 Luminous Intensity (Im)

Package (L x W x Thickness)






2.64 x 1.64 x 0.7 mm

Key Features of the Flash Brick:
• High light output in a small, low-profile package
• Low system cost by reducing number of components
• Low thermal resistance
• Electrically isolated thermal pads
• Energy efficient
• Exposed pad for excellent heat transfer
• Suitable for reflow soldering processes
• Long operation life
• Wide viewing angle
• Silicone encapsulation
Some possible applications include:
• Commercial lighting
• Architectural lighting
• Retail display
• Automotive Interior Lighting
• Indoor lighting
• MR16 replacements
• Signage backlights
• Safety, exit, and emergency signs
• Specialty lighting, such as task and reading lights
• Accent or marker lighting, strip or step lights
• Portable and handheld products
Samples are available. Single piece pricing for the GM1BW78140A is $1.49.
Contact your local Sharp Distributor, Sharp Representative, or Abdul Aslami at
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