Products, Materials + Tools | Dec 14, 2012

Multi Lenses for CREE XBD

Recently, Bicom Optics specifically launched a new product - 1075 series for CREE XBD.1075 series are 3 up lenses, 33mm diameter x 8.83mm height, molded from UV-stabilized optical-grade PC, boasting over 90% transmission efficiency. The surface is defined to use various frosting, thus to get the angle change from 15 degrees to 60 degrees. It features a solid and durable construction for long-lasting usage. It is suitable for different kinds of lighting products such as MR16.

In addition to the outstanding optical performance and reliability designed into this product, ease of assembly is another product highlight.3 locating pins ensure precise alignment of the lens over the focal point of the LED light source.

Bicom Optics is one of the first enterprises that engaged in the optical study, lens design and product development of the LED lens. We can develop over 60 new products monthly.

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