Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

nanoXED is coming to light

LEXEDIS Lighting, the creator of XED, announces the release of nanoXED, the first High Efficiency Digital Light Source.

With its innovative ChipinSilicon (CiS) technology, LEXEDIS has engineered the world’s smallest power emitter. nanoXED is ideal for use in direct or covert view lighting applications, in conjunction with optics of all kinds, including preferred nonimaging (NIO) optical techniques. Naturally, nanoXED can be optically integrated more easily and its small size facilitates designs with enhanced coupling efficiencies. A major contribution of CiS process is the ultimate miniaturisation of the micromachined silicon package. LEXEDIS succeeded in reducing its surfacemount nanoXED to an incredible 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm x 0.6 mm with large aperture to package ratio, thus presenting an ideal lambertian beam profile for most lighting or reflective lighting applications. System and modular thermal management is significantly improved through nanoXED via another unique feature of the product, namely its extremely low thermal resistance relative to its size.

nanoXED is powered by Toyoda Gosei’s latest High Quantum Efficiency, MQW 600 micron InGaN core emitter rated to 250 mA and delivers in excess of 25 lumen at a current of 200 mA for daylight white. LEXEDIS will offer 3 standard colour temperatures for white (3,500 K, 4,200 K & 6,500 K) on top of the monochromatic blue, green and red colours. Additionally, the breakthrough nanoXED white photo conversion technology developed by LEXEDIS enables the company to eliminate the requirements for chromatic binning and offer single chromatic range with tight tolerance, for the first time in the industry. This revolutionary new technology provides true homogeneous, high quality white light for each and every XED in a repeatable and consistent manner. Further this new technology provides major advances in colour stability over various drive conditions, temperatures and lifetime. For high efficiency, Ecofriendly and superior white light, nanoXED delivers a new baseline of performance never achieved before.

LEXEDIS Lighting GmbH, a joint venture company between TridonicAtco of Austria and Toyoda Gosei of Japan, develops and produces innovative and highperformance digital light sources promoted worldwide under the XED brand. LEXEDIS is a fast – growing and customeroriented company providing highly engineered product solutions for the advancement of High Efficiency Digital Light Sources. CM


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