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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 14, 2011

New High Power LED Provides Market-Leading Brightness and Thermal Resistance

Lumex announces the global launch of a new TitanBrite 10-Watt High Power LED. Available in cool, neutral and warm white colors, the SMD high-power LED technology provides market-leading brightness and thermal resistance. The technology also provides opportunities for significant cost and real estate savings for applications switching from two 5W or ten 1W technologies to a single 10W LED.

The new TitanBrite 10W White LED provides market-leading brightness (23% brighter than alternative 10W LEDs) of 600lm for cool white, 550lm for neutral white and 530lm for warm white technologies.

Thanks to its unique thermal enhanced design with the LEDs mounted onto a ceramic substrate (rather than onto a PCB), heat dissipation performance is improved up to 61% compared to the use of two 5W LEDs.

At the same time, the new technology provides cost and real estate saving opportunities and enhanced visual performance. The TitanBrite 10W LED offers up to 10% cost savings compared to alternative 10W LEDs, up to 40% cost savings compared to the use of ten individual 1W LEDs and up to 25% cost savings compared to the use of two 5W LEDs. Its compact 12mm2 package size allows the TitanBrite 10W to provide up to 47% real estate savings compared to the use of two 5W LEDs and 20% space savings compared to the use of ten 1W LEDs. The ability to replace ten 1W or two 5W LEDs with a single 10W TitanBrite LED enhances color consistency by eliminating the need for binning while simplifying assembly efficiency.


Emitted Color

Chip Material

Color Temp (K)

Lens Type

Vf (V)

If (mA)

Total Flux (lm)

View Angle


Warm White









Neutral White









Cool White








Compatible with standard LED drivers, the new TitanBrite 5W White LED is ideal for use in a wide range of applications that require bright, intense light with low power consumption. Applications include:
• small space lighting (including cavity, under cabinet, task and decorative lighting and channel light backlighting)
• medical device technology (including surgical headlights, medical examination lights and endoscopy lighting)
• appliance applications (including general illumination in refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers and clothes washer and dryers)

“The new TitanBrite 10W White LED is unique in the market in terms of the combination of brightness performance and thermal management support it provides to design engineers,” explained Brian Coates, Technical Sales Manager at Lumex. “These features combined with real estate and cost savings as well as complementary product integration support from Lumex – make this product truly stands out in a crowded high power LED market.”

The RoHs compliant TitanBrite 10W White LED comes with complimentary integration support. Lumex Technical Design Specialists can integrate TitanBrite LEDs with metal core boards, optics, enclosures, switches, connectors and other key components to create solutions that maximize performance and efficiency in each individual application. Finish product solutions can be UL/CE approved when necessary.

Lumex´s new TitanBrite 10W White LEDs (SML-LX4747 series) feature a 120° viewing angle and an extended operating temperature range from -40°C to 90°C. Pricing dependent on quantity ordered and is roughly $15.00 in production quantities, with a lead time of eight to ten weeks. With this extension of its TitanBrite line, Lumex now provides over 10 different high-power LED technologies including 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W and 10W sizes, through-hole and SMT offerings as well as standard and RGB formats.

For additional information or engineering assistance:

In the Americas and Europe, contact Lumex’s Sales Department, 290 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL  60067  USA. 
Phone:  1-800-278-5666.  FAX:  1-847-359-8904.
E-mail: Web:
In Asia, contact Lumex's Asian Pacific Headquarters at 3F, No. 972, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chu Dung, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan, ROC. 
Phone: +886-3-582-1124.  FAX:  +886-3-582-1154.

About Lumex:
For over 30 years Lumex has been a global leader in the optoelectronics industry, with the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance LEDs and LCDs in the industry.  With thousands of standard products and a focus on semi-custom and custom designs, Lumex is a valuable resource for quality and innovation.  Lumex's optical range encompasses a wide spectrum including UV, visible and infrared wavelengths. Lumex's team of Technical Design Specialists are experts in collaboratively developing effective, smart solutions from the most complex design dilemmas.

Lumex has a global footprint with the worldwide headquarters outside Chicago and the Asian headquarters in Taiwan.
With manufacturing capabilities in the United States, China, Taiwan and Thailand, Lumex is able to support over 23 end markets with more than 80,000 customers both directly and through our distribution channel partners. Over the last 30 years, the name Lumex has become synonymous with quality and performance around the world.


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