Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 04, 2010

High-Efficiency Mirror Type LED from Alpha-One

Alpha One Electronics (Japan) successfully developed small and compact LED in various peak-wavelength with extremely high output intensity by using special packaging technology. Due to the excellent beam-light with high intensity, this model can be used for light source in different tasks such as security system, blood instruments, medical analyzer, optical data transmission system, and so forth. As to visible light, Red LED (625nm) realizes 25cd, Green LED (530nm): 90cd, Blue LED (470nm): 20cd at IF=20mA.

340mW/sr of Radiant Intensity is Realized at 850nm with Lower Current (IF=100mA) for Surveillance Cameras and other Sensing Applications.

Packed on a precise and compact surface mount package (5.8x6.0mm) with reflective mirror inside, Alpha-One’s mirror type LED realizes greater performance of radiation efficiency, more than 90% of LED chip.  (As to the normal molded LED, the radiation efficiency is 30-40% of LED chip.)  Its shaft radiant intensity is about two times as high as the one of the normal molded type LED.

The light from LED chip emitted onto the integral mirror inside of the package is reflected outside as the well-controlled parallel beam (typ. ±7°) with great performance.

In order to make them suitable and more convenient for light source in various applications, Alpha-One is prepared for LED with different peak-wavelength in addition to the normal RGB and infrared rays such as 660nm, 700nm, 730nm, 760nm 780nm and more.



  • Security IR cameras (Surveillance system)
  • Individual identification system to detect iris, finger print, vein, etc.
  • Image detection
  • Medical analyzer including blood detector
  • Optical transmission


Alpha-One also introduces the ones with larger package (8.0*8.0mm), which has narrower beam (±4°) and higher performance (700mW/sr for 850nm / IF=50mA, for instance).

Board assembly service is also available.



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