Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Nichia achieved 150lm/W white LED development

White LEDs made from the combination of blue LED and phosphor introduced by Nichia in 1996 enabled LEDs to be developed as the highest efficacy light source.

By the Lamp type LED, (Ex.: NSPWR70), the efficacy was achieved at 150lm/W (luminous flux; 9.4lm) by the color temperature; 4,600K at the If=20mA driving condition. The luminous efficiency of this white LED corresponds to 1.7 times of three wavelength fluorescent lamps (90lm/W), 11.5 times of an incandescent lamp (13lm/W) and even better than high pressure sodium lamp (132lm/W), regarded as the best possible efficacy light source in the conventional market.

Even though it has not been so long since LEDs were introduced for the alternative light source, by using LED technologies enable to largely reduce consumption of electricity and maintenance cost. Nichia put more effort on research and development in LED light source, a safe and easy-to-use light source, to contribute society, as a LED manufacturing corporate social responsibility.

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