Products, Materials & Tools | May 31, 2011

OSRAM Extends Its LED Product Portfolio in the Low-Power Range below 1 W

The new product family in the low-power range from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors starts with DURIS E 3. The small dimensions and wide beam angle of these new LEDs make them ideal for applications that require uniform illumination. These highly efficient LEDs can be used as replacements for conventional fluorescent lamps in T5 or T8 luminaires for example.

DURIS E 3 has been designed specifically for applications that call for uniform distribution of light, high efficiency and low procurement costs. The main areas of application are therefore lighting systems in industry, such as open-plan offices, production facilities, conference rooms and warehouses that have been equipped with T5 and T8 luminaires. “Bright LEDs are also recommended for smaller offers, shop lighting and signage”, said Andreas Vogler, Product Manager SSL at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. “This new LED extends our portfolio in the low-power range and offers the usual high OSRAM quality.”

DURIS E 3 offers everything that is needed for uniform light. Its small size of 3 mm x 1.4 mm means that they can be placed very close to one another. Its beam angle of 120° ensures that in closely packed arrays the light from each LED overlaps that from its neighbor. The result is an extremely uniform distribution of light. The individual points of light can no longer be seen; instead, the impression is of a single bright strip of light. The LED covers the entire white color spectrum with color temperatures from 3000 K to 6500 K. At a color temperature of 5000 K, for example, it offers a CRI of 72 and an efficiency of around 110 lm/W - perfect for use in industrial applications.

The next member of the family will be making its debut in the summer. DURIS E 5 will provide a high luminous flux and package dimensions of 5.6 mm x 3 mm.

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