Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 28, 2010

OSRAM LED With New Beam Characteristics For More Efficient Luminaires

LED luminaires can now be made simpler and more efficient thanks to the new 150° beam angle of the OSRAM OSLON SSL 150. Retrofit and downlight designs in particular, will benefit from the even distribution of light from the new OSLON SSL 150, which allows designers to better manage the light in external reflectors. Additionally OSLON’s small footprint can simplify the design of lamps and luminaires and facilitate low profile designs.

The wide beam characteristic of this new LED enables the light to be used in reflector systems with much lower light losses which means LED lamps and luminaires designed with OSLON SSL 150 are more efficient. “With its low-profile and very compact design the new OSLON SSL 150 can be closely clustered without creating shadow effects. In reflector applications for example, the luminaire efficiency can be increased by more than 5 percent. The reflectors can also be low-profile and the luminaire itself needs only a shallow mounting depth,” said Martin Wittmann, Marketing Manager Solid State Lighting at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. “Thanks to these properties the LED offers flexible design options for high-performance lighting solutions.”
The OSLON SSL 150 is also ideal for other applications such as diffused lighting in suspended ceilings and for wide-area backlighting with no obvious spots of light. Additionally, uniform illumination of the diffuser is possible in retrofits that aim to simulate incandescent or halogen light.
Color mixing is also easier than ever. If OSLON SSL LEDs in different colors are used in a cluster the colors can be mixed at the reflector level. This is much less complex than mixing colors with secondary lenses.
The technical data of the new LED is also impressive. The LED is based on a 1mm² chip, providing a typical brightness of 92 lm at 3000 K at an operating current of 350 mA and 156 lm at 700 mA. It is available in all white tones (2700-6500K) and in different colors. OSLON SSL 150 is the latest addition to the OSLON SSL product family (beam angle of 80°) and fits neatly into the portfolio with its dimensions of 3 mm x 3 mm. Depending on the application and specific requirements, both versions offer tailor-made solutions with maximum system efficiency.

OSRAM introduces the new OSLON SSL 150 during electronica (9. to12. November, Munich, Germany) in hall A3, booth 107. More information is available here


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