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Osram’s OSCONIQ® P 2226 Offers New Design Flexibility

Osram Opto Semiconductors, a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a history dating back 100 years, today announced the launch of the OSCONIQ® P 2226, a professional mid-power LED providing leading-edge technology for indoor and outdoor lighting applications requiring monochrome colors.

Tomorrow’s lighting needs are demanding and multifaceted, requiring a lot of sensitivity and accurate planning. The solutions to these issues need to be just as flexible and versatile.

Combining high performance, compactness and extreme robustness, the OSCONIQ® P 2226 is the perfect answer. It is suitable for any project, from architectural lighting, to accent and effect lighting, and even to horticultural lighting for vertical farming. Thanks to its wide operating range of current and temperature, and variety of color versions, all with the same compact footprint of 2.6x2.2mm, Osram’s new LED is perfectly suited to all professional lighting applications.

The OSCONIQ® P 2226 fits perfectly into Osram’s broad portfolio of LEDs, offering a spectrum of infinite possibilities, from high quality and performance solutions to specifically cost effective products.

New types of LED create new opportunities. It doesn’t matter whether you need to illuminate outdoors or indoors. It doesn’t matter how large the space is, or how it is shaped. It doesn’t even matter what color you would like it to be. With the outstanding versatility offered, the OSCONIQ® P 2226 is the right choice for professionals.

Start something bright.

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About Osram Opto Semiconductors:

Osram, based in Munich, is a globally leading lighting manufacturer. The product portfolio includes high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology such as infrared or laser lighting. The products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality, autonomous driving or mobile phones to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities. In automotive lighting, the company is the global market and technology leader.