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OSRAM's New Diamond Dragon: So bright, so cool – even up to 175°C

At the start of 2008 OSRAM Opto Semiconductors will be launching a white super-bright LED by the name of Diamond Dragon. This LED combines impressive brightness of 250 lm (at 1.4 A) with a very low specific thermal resistance of 2.5 K/W, all in a SMT package.

The LEDs will cover the entire white range and will also be available in all other colors. They will therefore be suitable for both indoor and outdoor general lighting applications and also for the automotive sector in daytime running lights or rear fog lights.

The exceptionally low thermal resistance of Rth = 2.5 K/W in the SMT package means that the heat produced in the chip can be efficiently removed. The maximum junction temperature of 175°C makes the LED extremely robust and allows solutions where the LED cannot be ideally cooled. These properties enable the LED to be easily integrated for example in small spotlights, retrofit applications and recessed ceiling luminaires, where they can even replace small halogen lamps. The LED can withstand even high temperatures with no damage at all. The silicon lens can be handled using standard SMT processes and does not require any change of process.

The high-brightness single-chip LED is based on a 2 mm2 chip manufactured in Thin-GaN technology with chip level coating. With its typical power rating the Diamond Dragon adds to the OSRAM LED portfolio in the 5 to 8 W range and forms the link between the established 1 to 3 W LEDs (Platinum Dragon) and the 10 W LEDs (OSTAR). It is compatible with the other Dragon footprints and can therefore be integrated in existing designs without modification. The LED produces its impressive brightness of 250 lm at a typical operating current of 1.4 A (max. 2 A) in continuous operation. The LED can achieve a lifetime of more than 50,000 hours.

 High-current single-chip LEDs up to 2 A:
Extremely low thermal resistance coupled with low cooling requirements makes the Diamond Dragon ideal for use in recessed lights. Thanks to their small size they can be used instead of conventional halogen lamps for unobtrusive lighting.

About OSRAM Opto Semiconductors:
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