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Philips Lumileds announces release and immediate availability of LUXEON Rebel

San Jose, CA — Philips Lumileds today announced immediate availability of LUXEON Rebel power LEDs with new packaging technology that dramatically reduces the size of the LED and enables entirely new approaches to solid-state lighting design. Engineered for operation between 350 mA and 1000 mA, LUXEON Rebel is the first power LED to offer guaranteed minimum performance.

Minimum performance specifications enable greater design and manufacturing consistency and allow customers to purchase the light output performance appropriate for each application. For applications requiring high efficacy, cool-white LUXEON Rebel can exceed 70 lumens per Watt at 350 mA. When total light output needs to be maximized, LUXEON Rebel delivers more than 160 lumens at higher drive currents. Warm-white, neutral-white and cool-white color temperatures in addition to standard InGaN and AlInGaP colors provide the most complete color palette for lighting designers and specifiers. LUXEON Rebel establishes new power LED benchmarks for size, engineering parameters, reliability and lifetime. LUXEON Rebel is just 3mm x 4.5mm with a foot print area 75% smaller than other surface mount power LEDs. Its light output and efficacy performance from a 1mm2 chip make it the clear leader in lumens/mm2, lumens/Watt and lumens/dollar. The small footprint and low profile, just 2.1mm, enable significantly reduced color mixing and diffusion depths so that luminaire designs can be as much as much as 50% slimmer than with conventional power LEDs. The small size also reduces the amount of PCB required so that manufacturing costs may be lowered. Although small, LUXEON Rebel is extremely robust. The ceramic based package is designed to withstand high heat with a maximum junction temperature of 150°C and it is the first power LED for lighting to be rated for unlimited shelf life further simplifying inventory management and manufacturing.

LUXEON Rebel is the first power LED from Philips Lumileds to offer white LEDs in warm, neutral and cool-white with typical Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) of 3000K, 4100K and 6500K respectively. The LUXEON Rebel white binning structure includes a CCT range from 2670K to 3500K for warm-white, 3500K to 4500K for neutral-white, and 4500K to 10000K for cool-white. Sampling of the warm-white and neutral-white products begins immediately with volume production later this year. For lighting designers, the addition of a neutral-white range makes it easier to appropriately target the color temperature characteristics for many applications. The company’s patented conformal coating process minimizes CCT variation and maximizes color uniformity.

“LUXEON Rebel will cause a rapid change in solid-state lighting design,” said David Eastley, Product Manager. “LUXEON Rebel takes advantage of our latest chip, phosphor and packaging technologies to accelerate the use of LEDs in a wide range of lighting applications, particularly residential and other ‘white lighting’ applications for which LED options have been limited.” “We also recognize that there is a technical communication gap between the semiconductor and lighting communities so we are taking the lead in defining new references for reliability—lumen maintenance and lifetime—and tools that allow reliability to be analyzed based on temperature and drive current variations. These measures along with our flux-differentiation, guaranteed performance and improved white color temperature selection make it easier than ever to create lighting solutions.”

Availability LUXEON Rebel has been pre-positioned world-wide with Future Lighting Solutions, a division of Future Electronics ( for immediate availability. In addition to the stocking of product, Certified Solutions Partners in the LUXEON Lighting Network have already developed optics for LUXEON Rebel. The datasheet, reliability documentation and assembly guides are available today from the Philips Lumileds web site,

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