Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 28, 2013

PhosphorTech Announces High Performance Flexible Phosphor Sheet

PhosphorTech is proud to introduce RadiantFlex™, a new revolutionary patent-pending flexible phosphor sheet for solid-state lighting and display applications. This product offers unparalleled flexibility, not just in terms of its physical properties, but also the infinite possibilities and high durability that it offers the LED packaging and luminaire designer.

Specifications and Benefits:
•    Super-strong and very light-weight with +/-2.5% uniformity in color temperature
•    High chemical resistance to oils, mild acids, alkalis, and water
•    User-customizable to various sizes and shapes with high curling and wrinkle resistance
•    Can be printed on and patterned using conventional digital printers or screen-printing
•    Can be custom-produced with different spectral, CCT, and CRI properties
•    Costs under $1 per square inch with bulk discounts available
•    Works as is or with a variety of adhesives, epoxies, and silicone
•    High power density and high temperature operation
-    Will operate ~150°C for short periods (hours) and ~100°C for long periods
-    Lower temperature limit: -40°C
•    Both on-chip or remote phosphor applications possible
•    25-35% higher light output compared to conventional remote phosphor plates

PhosphorTech claims their newly invented and patent-pending RadiantFlex™ to be more efficient than other remote phosphor products because of reduced edge losses and a minmum of scattering losses.

The thin (10X thinner than conventional remote phosphor) and light (12X lighter than conventional remote phosphor) product is user customizable to different shapes and virtually any color and therefore allows new designs and lighting creations.

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About PhosphorTech Corp:
PhosphorTech Corporation was formed in 1998 with the support of the Advanced Technology Development Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology. After successfully commercializing many SBIR-funded technologies, PhosphorTech has developed into an independent corporation with internationally recognized accomplishments in the fields of photonic semiconductors and novel nano-materials for energy-efficient applications.