Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 25, 2013

ProLight High Power Flash LEDs

Prolight PF2N-4FWE-05 is a surface mount, high-power LED with the smallest 2.04x1.64mm dimension among the industry for use as a smart mobile camera flash in space-constrained and portable digital imaging applications. The typical DC current is over 240lm at current 1A for pulse mode.

Main Applications:
•    Camera flash
•    Mobile flash
•    Entertainment Lighting
•    Decorative Lighting
•    Orientation marker Lights
•    Daytime Running Light
•    Automotive illumination

•    compact size with high flux density
•    High luminous flux >240 lm @1 A
•    Outstanding thermal resistance: 6.3 K/W (measured at Tj=80°C ,IF=350 mA DC mode)
•    Best color uniformity
•    Max 1.5 A pulse forward current
•    More than 8 KV ESD protection
•    Best Moisture Sensitivity: JEDEC Level 1
•    Pb free / RoHS compliant

ProLight High Power Flash LEDs are foot print compatible with the major flash LEDs so that there is no need to change the manufacturing process and tooling into a stand-alone camera Flash module. It also designed with innovative spray coating technology to provide high intensity, high CRI and color uniformity. It is small, powerful and capable of operating on different currents. This one LED can therefore be used for manufacturing different products for different target markets.

ProLight High Power Flash LEDs provide an outstanding thermal resistance characteristic as to operate current of 1000 mA it achieves an efficiency of above 70 lm/W and a luminous flux of 240 lm and more. With a CRI of at least 70 these LEDs combine good quality of light with high efficiency.

ProLight Flash LEDs qualifies as the JEDEC MSL Level 1 and provide with more than 8KV ESD protection which is suitable for SMD process, Pb_free reflow soldering capability, and full compliance with EU Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation. Prolight Opto will attend the LED EXPO 2013 in India booth no.1A-E38. Welcome to join us and to find out ProLight excellent products.

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