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ProLight High Power LED have Passed LM-80

ProLight's LEDs have completed the requisite 6000 hours of LM-80 testing by SGS. ProLight is using the term "extreme efficacy and quality" to describe the Phenix, Phenix 3535 and Unicorn Series addition to what was already the company's primary LED offering targeted at applications ranging from MR16 lamps to streetlights. The LEDs will enable solid-state lighting (SSL) system efficacy as high as 140 lm/W, and ProLight has expanded the options for product developers by offering an 85-CRI line that enables premium luminaries performance at more reasonable cost levels than you will find in 95-CRI LEDs.

Applied the new technology in the LEDs easily succeed not only the LM-80 test, but also the moisture absorb rate and sulfur liquid test.  ProLight's LEDs can provide the high efficiency and quality to customer’s productions from MR16 retrofit lamps to streetlights to meet the DIM2 portion of the Europe EcoDesign Regulation.

ProLight has completed the requisite 6000 hours of LM-80 testing for the LEDs and documented 7% better performance than specified at launch. The lumen maintenance of Phenix Series under 6000 hrs of IES LM-80 testing at 105 ° C is 93.4%. The lumen maintenance of Phenix 3535 Series under 6000 hrs of IES LM-80 testing at 105 ° C is 94.9%. The lumen maintenance of Unicorn Series under 6000 hrs of IES LM-80 testing at 105 ° C is 93.3%.Therefore, the IES LM-80 accreditation indicates the products have a high level of quality and reliability. ProLight expects that these products will add a strong energy for the revenue growth. Warm-white 3000K LEDs deliver 140 lm/W at a hot 85°C operating temperature and 350 mA of drive current. That number goes up to 150 lm/W at low temperature.

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The exhibition information as below:
Fair Date: 19-21 December 2013
Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India
Booth No.: 83A in Hall 12A

Prolight Opto was established in October 2004, is a professional leader of high power LED manufacturer.  ProLight provides customers with its full range of lighting solutions, which includes LED emitters, LED modules, LED matching optics and drivers. You will discover that ProLight can be your No.1 choice.

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About ProLight Opto Technology Corp:
Founded in October 2004, ProLight Opto Technology Corporation is a professional manufacturer of LED packaging, dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of mid-to-high-power, high-reliability LED packaging. Through our products, we create value for our customers with best-in-class optics and heat dissipation. The main applications of our products include stage lighting, in door & outdoor billboard displays, commercial lighting, handheld lights, automotive lighting, other special-purpose lighting, etc.