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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 01, 2014

ProLight Introduced Its 1W LED 3030 Package

ProLight introduced its 1W LED 3030 package which can drive current of 300 mA(1 W) and up to 400 mA (1.5 W). The efficacy can reach more than126 lm/W at color temperature of 4700 K.

Michael Hsing, General manager of ProLight, said, “When comparing the 3030 package with other high power LED packages, the selling price can be reduced more than 50%. Furthermore, when compared with 0.5W LED packages such as 2835 or 3020, the 3030 package with 2 mid-power dies can produce equivalent performance, but are lower in overall system cost. The reason is that the number of LEDs needed is reduced by half and hence the SMT cost can be reduced by 50% as well.“

Mr. Hsing went on to say, “Although the majority of packaging houses favor EMC technology for the 3030 package, EMC material have been found to become fragile under long period of humid conditions, hence you have a problem with high lumen depreciation after a period of time. However, ProLight has developed a new enhancing technology for EMC, which not only resolves the problem facing EMC material, but there is no additional cost on the package.

Currently, ProLight’s 3030 package is being tested for LM-80 test by SGS and will receive the test report soon. So far, more than 15 product series from Prolight have achieved the LM-80 test report from SGS.

Other than 3V and 6V, a 1W 3030 package is available now. ProLight will soon introduce a high voltage version of 1W 3030 package. It can be 24V, 30V or 48V, giving customers more options with the most competitive price.

ProLight provides a full range of LED solutions from its Phenix series, the 3020, 3045, 3535 and the latest 3030 package.

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