Featured | Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 07, 2014

ProLight Introduces 6 W Venti 3535 Single Chip Package (Driven up to 1.5A)

Taiwan high power LED packaging house, ProLight Opto, have introduced Venti 3535 single chip package which can be driven up to 1.5A. Different to other LED packaging house’s preference to the flip chip technology, ProLight have developed its own high thermal dissipating eutectic technology, which allow standard LED chip to be able to drive to 1.5A and obtain highest lumen output.

Venti 3535 adopts ProLight exclusive technology:
•    ProLight’s high thermal dissipating eutectic technology
Venti 3535 using high thermal dissipating eutectic technology, to have low thermal resistance and when it is performed under life test, the lumen depreciation follow similar trends as flip chip.
•    ProLight’s Unique Silicone Formula
ProLight’s Venti 3535 using special Silicone formula can eliminate the problem of silicone cracking when it is under extreme energy density within the package that leads to huge lumen depreciation.
•    ProLight’s Patented Phosphor coating Technology
Venti 3535 uses ProLight’s own patented phosphor coating technology, which can solve the uneven spread of light output from the LED chip. This allow ProLight’s Venti 3535 to have uniform light distribution, which can be comparable with 1st tier LED packaging provider. Moreover, the Venti 3535 can further demonstrate its outstanding light quality when used under 2nd optics in application such as directional lighting and wall washer.

For additional information, please visit www.prolightopto.com or contact sales@prolightopto.com

About ProLight Opto Technology Corp:
Founded in October 2004, ProLight Opto Technology Corporation is a professional manufacturer of LED packaging, dedicated to the research, development, and manufacturing of mid-to-high-power, high-reliability LED packaging. Through our products, we create value for our customers with best-in-class optics and heat dissipation. The main applications of our products include stage lighting, in door & outdoor billboard displays, commercial lighting, handheld lights, automotive lighting, other special-purpose lighting.