Components | LEDs | Automotive | Sep 02, 2019

ProLight Opto Announced 9-chip Automotive Headlamp LED

Continue on with the success of the Pro-CSP Headlamp series launched in 2018, ProLight Opto this year announced a new Pro-CSP product – 9-chip headlamp LED which combines high beam and low beam in a single LED package.

The array of Pro-CSP 9-chip LED used a 1-3-5 pyramid configuration and when combine with the mechanical fence of headlight, switching between the high beam and low beam can be easily achieved. In low beam mode, the fence covers the top two rows of chips and only bottom 5 LED chips will light up to avoid affecting oncoming driver’s sight. In high beam mode, 9 chips are all light up and with the additional top single chip, it has helped increasing visibility range for driver to see clearer and farther.

Besides, Pro-CSP adopts the evolutional new phosphor technology, the ex-Pro CSP series used silicone film, but the new generation is using glass film, which provide better light uniformity and reliability.

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 10.51.57.jpg

Image: Light uniformity testing, the red line is ProLight new Pro-CSP headlamp series

ProLight new Pro-CSP headlamp series are available with LED or module, and AEC-Q101 passed.