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Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 01, 2013

ProLight Phenix 3535 - Excellent Light Quality

Through advanced technology, Phenix 3535 present customers a quality color uniformity. With this outstanding color uniformity, the applications are suitable for wide variety of applications.

ProLight Opto thrives on providing customers with superior performance products. Through advanced technology, ProLight presents Phenix 3535 with excellent light quality. With this advancement, Phenix 3535 is suitable for wide variety of applications.

The Phenix 3535 utilizes ProLight’s patented lead frame technology to provide one of the best packages in terms of reliability and cost to the lighting market. Along with the small footprint, Phenix 3535 will definitely provide lighting designers the performance and flexibility to develop world class lighting products for wide variety of lighting sectors include retrofit bulbs, commercial and residential lighting.

Prolight Opto was established in October 2004, is a professional high power LED manufacturer. ProLight provides customers with its full range of lighting solutions, which includes LED emitters, LED modules, LED matching optics and drivers. You will discover that ProLight can be your No.1 choice.

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