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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 28, 2011

Protect-R-Shield Stops Corrosion and Protects LED and PCB Electronic Components

Protect-R-Shield’s conformal coating is ideal for protecting valuable components of printed circuit boards and LED electronics. The one-part optically clear coating provides a shield from damaging elements such as moisture, dust, corrosion, chemicals, salt spray, thermal extremes and organic growth.

“Protect-R-Shield’s non-yellowing properties allow the coating to be applied over the LEDs or around the LEDs to form a highly effective protective shield,” reports Product Manager Don Cattoni. “Computer controlled dispensing equipment can selectively apply Protect-R-Shield precisely to specified areas, eliminating the need for costly masking.”

The application of Protect-R-Shield’s coating provides stress relief ensuring the fragile components of LEDs and PCBs are safe from damage, without ever hindering original performance standards. Third-party testing shows that when the coating is applied over LEDs, there is negligible lumen loss (1-3%) as well as very little impact on CCT (80-110K cooler).

Protect-R-Shield is a crystal clear elastomeric coating material that is formulated to offer outstanding insulation performance over a wide range of temperatures (-65°C to 200°C). The material exhibits excellent adhesion to most printed circuit board substrates including metal core and Fr4. It will not yellow or break down from UV and exposure to an outdoor environment for the life of the LED. The product is RoHS compliant and meets IPC-CC-830B standards.

About Protect-R-Shield:
Protect-R-Shield is a product division of Shat-R-Shield, which has been in business for over 40 years and takes pride in being a solution provider for all types of coatings in the lighting industry.
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