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Samsung’s Completed High Power LED Portfolio for High Intensity Light

Samsung has been continuously reinforcing its high power LED package line-up to offer an extended range of operation current and higher performance. The more comprehensive, high power LED line-up allows LED lighting manufacturers to optimize fixture performance with enhanced lighting quality and efficacy, as well as greater design flexibility. It offers four primary types of high power LED which can fully support virtually every major lighting application that requires high intensity light output.

Samsung offers four primary types of high power LED packages: ceramic based packages; chip-scale packages and CSP (Chip-Scale Packaging) arrays; and EMC (Epoxy Mold Compound) lead frame packages. Packages with these four types of high power lighting components, Samsung can now fully support virtually every major lighting application that requires high intensity light output.

Ceramic-based Packages:

Continuing to achieve industry-leading performance levels for ceramic-based high power packages, Samsung is extending its high power leadership with two new packages - the LH351C and LH351D - to provide coverage from 3 to 10 watts, thereby delivering a wider range of options for optimal current utilization.

Samsung’s upcoming LH351C and LH351D packages offer 5 watts and 10 watts respectively, to meet the needs of higher-performance lighting over extended periods of time, where efficiency and reliability are crucial. Providing ultra-high light efficacy, the new ceramic lens packages are optimized for premium outdoor lighting applications such as street light, high bay, and stadium applications.

Chip Scale Packages (CSPs):

Besides a solid ceramic-based line-up, Samsung also provide LED manufacturers with the industry’s finest high power line-up with advanced Chip Scale Packaging technology for more compact lighting designs. Samsung’s LH181A measures 1.91x1.91 mm, which is about 30 percent smaller than Samsung’s ceramic-based LED solution. The package’s ultra-small size also enables greater value, as calculated in lm/$ (lumens per dollar), which can be especially useful in outdoor and spot lighting applications.

The LH181A is a 3 watt class high power CSP package that offers high luminous flux (162 lm/W, @350 mA, Ra70, 5000 K). In addition, with an additional lens as a secondary optic solution, it provides abeam angle which can be well suited for street lighting applications.

CSP Arrays:

Aligning the CSP packages - LH204A and LH309A - Samsung’s CSP arrays receive top billing in their role of high power LED solutions with an operating wattage range from 5 W to 10 W. The LH204A is a 2x2 array of CSP LED chips that delivers 12 V at a 5 W-class operating wattage, while the LH309A is a 3x3 chip array offering 26 V at a 10 W class operating wattage.

The Samsung CSP arrays each provide high light quality by adhering a single phosphor to the FX (flexible) circuit board on which tiny CSP LED chips with low thermal resistance have been arranged. Samsung CSP arrays are ideally suited for spotlighting applications where high light quality is required from a single light source.

EMC (Epoxy Mold Compound) Lead Frame Packages:

Samsung is also adding a multi-die LED with EMC (Epoxy Mold Compound) packaging in its high power portfolio. Coming in a 5.0mm by 5.0mm form factor, the new package will enable lighting fixture designers to maximize the cost effectiveness of outdoor and indoor systems, and yet providing high efficacy performance. It will be available by the end of 2016.

For more information about Samsung’s high power LED Packages, please visit http://www.samsung.com/global/business/led/products/led-component/high-power

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