Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

Seoul Semiconductor’s Acriche Family Exceeds DC LED System Efficiency for Warm White LEDs

Seoul Semiconductor Inc., a world-leading LED (light-emitting diodes) manufacturer, announced the introduction of the Acriche 4, a breakthrough alternating current LED product, in major markets around the world today.

The A4, which will be mass produced and available this quarter, has a world’s best luminous efficiency of 75lm/W, and is capable of replacing warm white incandescent and compact fluorescent light sources in many consumer and commercial applications.
Currently, white LEDs are divided into two major markets: products with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) greater than 85, which is close to natural light, and products with a normal CRI of 70 to 80. High CRI products will often be significantly less bright than their lower CRI counterparts, but due to their similarity to natural light, high CRI sources are excellent for high quality light applications. LEDs with normal CRI achieve a greater brightness but have the disadvantage of being quite different from natural light.
The new and highly innovative Acriche A4 product, however, achieves both a high CRI and superior brightness. The A4 devices have a color temperature of 3000K and include multiple new technologies that provide excellent efficiency of 75 lumens per watt (lm/W) with a High CRI of 85.
It is the first time that Alternating Current (AC) LEDs have achieved better luminous efficiency than LEDs with Direct Current (DC). Seoul Semiconductor stated that “with the mass production of the Acriche A4 series, we will be able to provide both high quality and normal use markets with light sources that have exceptional performance and lower prices. With the A4 series, we want to spread the name “Acriche” far and wide as the world’s best LED brand”.
Significant advantages of the Acriche A4 series include:
• It is possible to use Acriche products on AC power freely between 100V and 230V without additional conversion. Only a simple, inexpensive diode bridge is required.
• Different than other Acriche products (such as the popular A2 and A3 series), the A4 uses 50Vrms per package and 110V-220V can be achieved by connecting multiple devices in whatever manner is needed.
• Whether used in light bulbs or light structures with arrays of LED’s, the most suitable design is guaranteed due to the degree of freedom of placement and configuration of the A4.

About Seoul Semiconductor:
Seoul Semiconductor ( is a world-leading LED manufacturer. The growth potential of the company is widely recognized as it was selected as ‘one of the most promising companies in Asia’ by Forbes and Business Week in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Its main offering, the Acriche™ LED, was also named "Product of the Year" by Electronik’ in 2006, one of the most prestigious electronics publications in Europe, and awarded in Newtech Korea 2008 and named as Korea Ten Best New Technologies of 2008. Seoul Semiconductor’s Intelligential Property position is extremely strong with over 5,000 patents filed or registered and many cross-license agreements with industry leaders. Seoul also has 25 overseas operations, including 3 subsidiaries, and 114 worldwide distributor sites.