Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 14, 2014

Sharp Extends the MegaZenigata Family with a New High-Efficiency LED Series

Sharp has announced a key extension to its family of MegaZenigata LEDs with a new range of high-efficiency XFC models in the 15, 25, 35 and 50 wattage classes.

Efficiency Optimised:
This new line-up features the same footprint and compact design (24 x 20 mm) as the existing MegaZenigata LEDs to ensure uncomplicated replacement and make life easier for light fixture manufacturers. Another facilitating factor in optical design terms is the unchanged small, circular light-emitting area (diameter: 17 mm). What has changed, and most significantly so, is the level of efficiency. These new efficiency-optimised LEDs combine greater efficacy with a lower drive voltage.

Standout Features:
Besides the considerable improvement in efficacy, the new XFC line-up scores with uniform, high-quality illumination, luminous flux of 1,000-6,000 lm, luminous efficacy of up to 113 lm/W, and CRI options of Ra 70+, 80+ and 90+. Besides, these XFC LEDs feature Energy Star®-compliant CCT and CRI ratings. The colour variation is within a 3 MacAdam ellipse and there are five colour temperature options. These chip-on-board LEDs feature a ceramic substrate in all wattage classes and come with only two terminal connections for easy installation. Like other Sharp LEDs, they have a lifetime in excess of 40,000 hours depending on the operating conditions, with an operating temperature range of -30° to + 100° C).

Possible Applications:
This new line-up of high-efficiency LEDs is suitable for general lighting applications, indoor lighting (e.g. spotlights, downlights or recessed ceiling lighting fixtures) and outdoor lighting (e.g. street, subway, station or bridge lighting or object illumination).

Visitors to the International Light and Building Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, from March 30 –April 4 2014 can see the new XFC models for themselves at the Sharp booth (Hall 4.2, Booth J71), where the entire portfolio of LED products will also be on view.

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About Sharp:
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