Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

Sharp Introduces New Lineup of Nine High Color Rendering LED Lighting Devices in Two Package Styles

Sharp Corporation will introduce nine new LED lighting devices, including SMD chip LEDs suitable for planar lighting fixtures, and Zenigata LED devices ideal for use in spot lighting and bulb-shaped lamps.

With LED rapidly replacing conventional lighting products, more and more people are demanding LED lighting capable of depicting illuminated objects such as foods or flowers with colors close to those perceived under natural light.
To meet such needs, Sharp has developed a series of new High Color Rendering LED lighting devices in two package styles. The SMD (surface mount device) chip LEDs are based on a proprietary double molded structure adopted for use in the LED backlights of AQUOS LCD TVs, and feature improved light extraction efficiency to deliver a luminous flux of 38 lumens, the top level in the industry in the 0.5-Watt input power class (GM2BB50BM0C). Zenigata LED devices are now even more compact with approximately half (56%) the surface area of previous models, and provide easy “drop-in” integration into lighting fixtures and equipment. 
1.  High color rendering that faithfully reproduces colors—SMD chip LEDs: color rendering index (Ra) of 85; Zenigata LED devices: color rendering index (Ra) of 87. These high color rendering index values are achieved by a combination of a blue LED die covered with a proprietary mixture of green and red phosphors. This structure improves the color distribution of green and red colors, which tend to be more subdued, and ensures beautiful reproduction of natural colors such as the color of flowers and fruits, and skin colors.
2.  The surface mount devices offer improved light extraction efficiency in a double molded structure package design. The SMD chip LEDs adopt Sharp’s own double molded package structure, which is also used in the LED backlights of AQUOS LCD TVs. This design reduces reflected light and improves light extraction efficiency. The 5000K-color temperature model delivers a luminous flux of 38 lumens, the top level in the industry for devices in the 0.5-Watt input power class (GM2BB50BM0C).
3.  Zenigata LED devices feature a package size approximately half that of previous models Optimizing the mounting substrate design enabled the surface area of the package to be shrunk by approximately half compared to previous models (56% of the previous surface area). Integrating these units into lighting fixtures such as bulb-type lamps or downlights is easy and straightforward. In addition, improving the reflectivity of light from the mounting substrate provides a luminous flux of 410 lumens (a 17% improvement compared to previous models) at an input power of 6.7 watts, making it possible to reduce power consumption to approximately one-sixth*7 of a conventional 40-W incandescent lamp of the similar brightness.
4.  Sharp is developing illumination system solutions to meet customer needs Sharp is integrating its device and module technologies in order to make the most of its LED devices. By modularizing combinations of peripheral components such as power supply ICs and mounting boards, Sharp is promoting LED lighting system solutions to meet customer needs. 

SMD chip LEDs (Tc = 25°C)
Product name LED lighting device
Input power 0.5 W
Color rendering index (Ra) 85
Emission color Neutral white Warm white
Color temperature 5000K 4000K 3000K
Luminous flux 38 lumens 36 lumens 34 lumens
Package size (typ.) 2.8 × 2.8 × 1.9 (H) mm
Operating temperature -30 to +100?C
Zenigata LED devices (Tc = 25°C)
Product name LED lighting device
Model GW5BTF
Input power 6.7W 3.6W
Color rendering index (Ra) 87
Emission color Neutral white Warm white Neutral white Warm white
Color temperature 5000K 3000K 2700K 5000K 3000K 2700K
Luminous flux 410 lumens 375 lumens 355 lumens 230 lumens 210 lumens 200 lumens
Package size (typ.) 15 × 12 × 1.6 (H) mm
Operating temperature -30 to +90?C
In addition to its years of experience in developing LEDs, Sharp possesses module technology that makes the most of the features of LED devices. Sharp will market LED lighting devices as well as customized peripheral component modules, and propose LED lighting system solution to meet customer needs. 
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