Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 10, 2016

Sharp Launches New High Efficiency COB LED Range

Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) has announced a new range of high-performance Mini and Mega Zenigata COB LEDs with greater efficiency and enhanced hot lumen performance.

More lumens, hot and cold:

Sharp Devices Europe (SDE) has launched a new range of COB LEDs with outputs ranging from 600 to 6000 lumens. Available in the popular Mini and Mega Zenigata footprints, the new HD6 and BF6 series LEDs from Sharp are some of the most efficient on the market, achieving up to 153 lm/W.

Advances in Sharp’s die-level technology together with the global technology giant’s package expertise are what made this latest round of efficiency improvements possible. By retaining the popular Mini and Mega Zenigata form factors, Sharp has also ensured backwards compatibility and simplified mechanical integration for its customers. The new HD6 Mini Zenigatas are 12x15 mm with an 8mm light emitting surface (LES). The BF6 series Mega Zenigatas are manufactured on a 20x24 mm substrate with a 15 mm LES. At up to 2500 lm from the 8 mm LES, the new Mini Zenigata packs quite a punch.

“The Mini and Mega Zenigatas are available not only in Ra80 and 90 versions, but also in a range of colour temperatures. Together with the efficiencies these new models are achieving, we can offer high colour rendering performance across a vast range of applications,” said Sharp Devices Europe LED Sales Manager Alberto Quaglia. “Our new COB LEDs also stand out because of their superior hot lumen performance. Most LED manufacturers specify cold performance, but all LEDs see a dip in intensity once they reach operating temperatures in the luminaire. The new Mega and Mini Zenigatas offer higher output under real-world conditions.”

Continued focus on colour quality:

Sharp has always focused on colour quality throughout its LED line-up. The new LED models are no exception, with both Ra 80 and Ra 90 versions available. Production is binning-free yet still yields emitters that fall within a 3-step MacAdam ellipse as standard for all the new LEDs.


The new HD6 and BF6 Mega and Mini Zenigata lines are available immediately.
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