Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 20, 2012

Sharp's Expands Zenigata Series with the New Pico Zenigata LED Offering 15 – 72.5 lumens

With the new Pico Zenigata LED series, Sharp completes its portfolio for high-performance LEDs. With just a single LED, the types of the GM2BBxxQK1C series achieve luminous flux levels of up to 24.5 lumens and an efficiency of up to 125 lm/watt. Luminous flux and efficiency of the other two series were improved accordingly: above all the GM2BBxxQKAC (2 LED dies) reaches up to 46.7 lumens with an effective power of up to 120 lm/W; the GM2BBxxQK0C (3 LED dies) radiate up to 72.5 lumens at an efficiency level of up to 120 lm/W. All three series are available with a typical CRI value of 83. The high colour rendering (HCR) LEDs achieve the high CRI level through a combination of blue LED dies with a special mixture of green and red phosphor.

• Strip lighting
• Backlighting
• Architectural illumination
• Channel letter solutions
• Accent and edge lighting
• Refrigerator case lighting

Even without secondary optics, the 'Pico Zenigata' LEDs from Sharp provide suitable light for energy-efficient lighting. The light conversion layer of the 'Pico Zenigata' LEDs is based on a two-phased development procedure especially developed by Sharp for this purpose. A layer of phosphor for the conversion of white light is applied in a first step. In a second step, installation of the globe top made from transparent silicone enables light extraction without any spreading loss.

As a LED substrate, Sharp therefore uses a high-quality ceramic plate with silicon sealing instead of conventional plastic materials. This allows efficient heat dissipation and helps to keep the required cooling element small. The Pico Zenigata family also exhibits a long-term illuminating power. After 50,000 hours, the lumen depreciation amounts to only 5%, thereby making it substantially less than conventional illuminants.

Sharp's 'Pico Zenigata' LEDs, which are solderable according to the reflow method, are scarcely bigger than the head of a match. Thanks to its low space requirements of 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.9 mm, they are predestined for use in a whole variety of application areas that require a high degree of brightness in combination with compact design. The minimal form factor and the high CRI value of the new 'Pico Zenigata' series from Sharp give light designers new freedom in light design. Far smaller optics and substantially smaller PCBs can be used, for example, than those of the current / previous designs.

As different applications also require different lighting concepts, the 'Pico Zenigata' series is available in three different shades of white. It starts with 'Warm White' (2,700K and 3,000K) and ranges to 'Natural White' (3,500, 4,000 and 4,500K), 'Pure White' (5,000K and 5,700) and "Cool White" with 6,500K. In combination with the high CRI values, the new HCR LEDs from Sharp are approximately equivalent to conventional fluorescent tubes with regard to their efficiency, colour temperature and colour rendering index (CRI). Thus, HCR LEDs already comply with the requirements of the Energy Star Programme.

Moreover, LEDs offer the benefits of a high degree of light efficiency. The 'Pico Zenigata' series is already tried, tested and used in large volumes in the LED backlighting of LCD televisions, and it is particularly predestined for applications in surface lighting such as the ceiling lighting of office rooms and factories. Other typical application areas include sales area lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and display lighting.

Initial samples are available in the colour temperatures of 3000K and 4000K. These can now be ordered from Sharp sales offices and distribution partners across Europe.

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