Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 15, 2013

Stanley Electric Released 2000K Candle Light Spectrum LED

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd, an LED manufacturing professional from Japan which places "Quality of Light" as of key importance, has been the first in the world to succeed in mass-production of special candle light spectrum LEDs with a color temperature of 2000K.

Stanley Electric’s 2000K LED (From our 6J series) has a similar spectrum to actual candle light. With our long-standing insistence on creating the highest “Quality of Light”, we have utilized our unique in-house phosphor mixing technique, enabling us to finally strike the perfect balance between high luminous efficiency and high quality which is generally thought of as particularly difficult with low CCT LED.  Moreover, we succeeded in the stable supply of this special spectrum candle light LED through our long term efforts in production and process management.
2000K LED is ideally suited as a candle light replacement which is more eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It is perfect for lighting in monuments, traditional stone-built architecture, museums, restaurants and any other indirect lighting.

Furthermore, Stanley Electric has been developing high reliability and efficiency LEDs for general lighting. We offer a wide color temperature range from 2000K to 6500K, and CRI selections of Ra70 / Ra85 / Ra95. Special colors such as pink, ice blue and others are also coming soon to the lineup for special lighting application such as store lighting.

Currently Stanley is also strengthening the product lineups from Mid to High-power LED, and will continue providing innovative products.

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About Stanley Electric Group:
Stanley Electric Group is a “Light-Creating” manufacturer with over 10,000 employees.
From the production of LED devices to assembly, we support all your needs with high technology and high quality products at our locations around the world.
With our recognized optical technology in automotive lighting, our products, including head lamps and others optical devices, are adopted by most of the automotive manufacturers around the world.


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