Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 08, 2010

Styron Offers High Performance Solutions for LED Lighting Applications

Styron today announced the availability of CALIBRE™ 301-58 LT for durable LED (Light Emitting Diode) applications. As a high performance, high light transmission polycarbonate resin with excellent processing characteristics, CALIBRE™ 301-58 LT meets the requirements of many of tomorrow’s lighting applications.

Shaping the future of LED lighting
Styron’s innovative CALIBRE™ 301-58 LT resin combines high light transmission comparable to acrylics with high melt flow, making it an ideal solution for LED lighting applications. The resin’s high melt flow and excellent processing characteristics enable extra thin luminaire designs, providing product designers with a wider spectrum of design options to shape the future of LED luminaires and lighting.

High performance solutions for more sustainable lighting
In their search for more energy-efficient lighting solutions, OEMs are increasingly looking at LED applications as the future of lighting. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, lower energy use and less heat generation compared to traditional lighting solutions, LEDs are expected to shift from niche applications to mainstream technology in just a few years. With CALIBRE™ polycarbonate resins, EMERGE™ advanced resins and TYRIL™ SAN resins, Styron has specific solutions to satisfy the key requirements of LED applications such as high-light transmission, opalescence and durability.

“As the lighting industry is changing and more sustainable LED applications are becoming the standard, Styron’s innovative resins provide the lighting industry with high performance solutions and design flexibility,” says Tsuyoshi Okii, Global Focal Point for Electrical & Lighting at Styron. “Our broad product portfolio for lighting offers both OEMs and product designers a range of options for lighting applications such as fittings, fixtures, luminaires, profiles or globes.”

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