Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 12, 2014

Sumitomo Chemical Introduces Most Advanced - Dual-Color - Polymer OLED Lighting

Sumitomo Chemical will introduce its Dual-Color Polymer OLED lighting at “Light+Building 2014,” the world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building technology, to be held in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 30 to April 4, 2014.

Features of Sumitomo Chemical’s Polymer OLED Lighting Technology:
•    Low-cost fabrication through an advanced printing process.
•    A variety of emission colors capable of being produced with a light-emitting layer formed by a single printing.
•    Producing a wide range of lighting colors, from natural light that closely resembles sunlight, to vivid and neutral colors that are excellent in design.
•    Thin surface light source
•    Easy-to-view light wavelength
•    Mercury-free and environmentally-friendly

This is the second time for Sumitomo Chemical to exhibit its products at the trade fair, following its first participation in 2012. Sumitomo Chemical will run a booth at the trade fair, inviting the world-renowned Japanese lighting designer Motoko Ishii as art director, where its dual-color emission polymer OLED lighting will be displayed with the theme “The Most Advanced Polymer OLED.”

Sumitomo Chemical’s exhibit, named “OLED COSMOS,” is formed by polymer OLED lighting panels, expressing the infinite expanse of the universe. Its design indicates unlimited possibilities of polymer OLED ever expanding into the future.

The lighting panels used for “OLED COSMOS” feature bright colors of light, in contrast to delicate Japanese traditional colors produced by the lighting panels Sumitomo Chemical displayed in the previous trade fair. The lighting panels are also extremely thin, which has been difficult to achieve for conventional lighting.

Sumitomo Chemical is the first in the world* to have developed technology to mass-produce dual-color emission OLED lighting panels where a single panel can be printed in two distinct colors based on the Company's highly advanced printing method. Following the exhibit at “Light+Building 2014,” Sumitomo Chemical will start marketing its polymer OLED lighting panels in April 2014.

* Based on Sumitomo Chemical’s survey in February 2014


About Electroluminescence and OLEDs:
Electroluminescence is a phenomenon in which light is emitted in response to the passage of an electrical current through an organic material as a voltage is applied. Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are a technology that employs this phenomenon. An OLED that employs a polymer as a light emitting material is called a Polymer OLED.

About Light+Building:
Light+Building, which is held biennially in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building technology. This year will be the second time for Sumitomo Chemical to exhibit at the trade fair.
It features leading-edge products and technologies presented, among others, by companies specialized in lighting manufacturing and building technology and attracts a significant number of visitors from all over the world, particularly from Europe.


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