Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 24, 2011

The World’s First Array LED for Lighting Providing Luminous Flux of 17,675 lm

Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed five packages (shapes) and eleven types of LEDs, such as the world’s first LEDs for lighting that produce high luminous flux of 17,675 lm. Features include one LED providing a wide range of luminous flux and it being possible to select an LED based on luminous efficacy. The LEDs can replace a variety of light sources.

Product demonstrations will be held during the “Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2011 from October 27, 2011.

High luminous flux of 17,675 lm (5,000K, Ra65 type) is achieved and luminous flux per LED is dramatically increased from 4,390 lm, which was the highest luminous flux of our conventional models.

Now possible to select from LED range based on luminous flux and luminous efficacy per LED One LED can provide a wide range of luminous flux due to high heat dissipation by utilizing our original Chip on Aluminum technique and high efficiency of light extraction by reselecting and optimizing materials. The five packages and eleven types incorporate LEDs which can produce a wide range of luminous flux, and provide luminous flux over the entire range of approximately 100 lm to 17,675 lm (0.8 W to 184 W classes).

Additional details can be downloaded here

About Citizen:
Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. President: Takashi Masuzawa. Paid-in capital: 1,988.55 million yen), a precision electronics manufacturer and a subsidiary of Citizen Holdings Co., Ltd., has developed the “CL-L102-C7 Series” of high power white LED lamps that combine high luminous flux and high efficiency to achieve the highest standards for LED illumination in the world.