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Tri-O-Light Offers New Casting Resins Technology: Freedom to Sculpture

The light line in the street in front of the entrance to the Gelredome stadium (Arnhem, The Netherlands) is one of the projects which have been realized with the LED Light Strip RGB of Tri-O-Light and the polyurethane casting resin technique of Multicol casting adhesives trading: a new expertise within Tri-O-Light.

In Addition the casting resines were used as FLEXLED, indirect LED lighting underneath benches in a shopping centre in Amsterdam and the busstop Arena boulevard, as well as Curbstone Light on several roundabouts in the Netherlands.

Flexible, Water Resistant, Durable and of High Impact:
Conform the wishes of the client, a flexible, diffuse RGB led-light line has been developed, which is water resistant, flexible, durable and of high impact. The colour of the 60m long light line can change and is controlled from reception. For every event the correct colour adjustment is shown using the DMX control panel. The light line has been supplied in six prefab parts and glued into the ready made compartment. The flexibility of the material allows the light line to be inserted with a radius.

Multicol: More than Just Casting Resin Technique for Lighting!
The expertise of Multicol goes further. Multicol is the right partner for:
The production and distribution of a large selection of highly developed types of adhesive for the industry and trade.  
Pouring products in a casting resin for numerous applications.
The packaging of larges volumes of resins, hardeners and other chemical products in a packaging of choice.

Tri-O-Light Casting Resins Facts:
In our state-of-the-art equipped lab we dispose of the newest casting resins, such as transparent polyurethane casting resins. We pour fixtures to the customer's requirements. In this chosen fixture we build the LED lighting. Thanks to our advanced pouring process we offer customer or designer the possibility to develop products following their own design. Our casting resins are solvent free, transparent and extremely suitable for outside applications.

The properties of the polyurethane castin resin can be adjusted by our specialists, ranging from very hard and rigid to very flexible. The colour can also be adjusted, from transparent to diffuse. And the resin itself can also be coloured.

Mechanically very strong and high impact
Crack resistant
Machinable with standard cutting materials
Electrically isolating
Weather and wind resistant. (Temperatures from -30°Celsius up to +120°Celsius)
(Sea) water resistant
Very resistant against chemicals
UV light resistant: does not turn yellow or brittle

About Tri-O-Light:
Tri-O-Light is a specialist in LED lighting fixtures. Not only is it our business, it is our passion. We are constantly looking for new techniques, decorative possibilities and functional applications. Thanks to these innovations, LED lighting is conquering the world of architecture and interior design. In the meantime, we also refine product specifications and technical quality in order to increase practical suitability for consultants and fitters. We go even further: we develop made-to-measure solutions for special applications (OEM).

For additional information on Tri-O-Light products and projects please visit

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