Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 19, 2012

Tridonic Introduces New OLED Light Modules at Light+Building

At Light+Building 2012 Tridonic will be showcasing not only an extensive range of LED products but also the next generation of lighting in the form of organic light emitting diodes. The OLED modules offer uniform light and an extremely low profile and represent the perfect interplay between optics, mechanics and electronics. By adding OLED light modules to its product portfolio Tridonic is fulfilling its claim to be an innovation partner for luminaire manufacturers and project associates.

The future belongs to semiconductor light, but not just to crystalline LED point light sources. There will also be organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) which thanks to their two-dimensional nature and their diffuse light will enable designers to create completely new types of luminaires.

In contrast to LED point light sources, OLEDs are still in their infancy and Tridonic is presenting at Light+Building already three series of OLED modules. The LUCEOS ROP series is ideal for decorative lighting applications and offers enormous flexibility. Products in the LUCEOS ROP series can meet a wide range of requirements, from elegant table lights and accent lighting integrated into walls to wide-area effect lighting. This is because the optics, mechanics and electronics are all perfectly matched to one another. This integrated OLED module is available from Tridonic in HEXAGONAL and ROUND versions. The integrated driver electronics provides for simple and flexible integration in numerous lighting applications. The dimmable modules produce a pleasant warm white light with excellent colour rendering. LUCEOS ROP OLED modules are equipped with a magnetic holder which makes them easy to install and replace in lighting applications.

The dimmable modules in the LUREON REM product series are characterised by an extremely low profile. The benefits of OLEDs are apparent in stylish designer luminaires or unobtrusive area light sources. The LUREON REM series was developed primarily for innovative lighting concepts – whether in designer long-run office luminaires, for architectural lighting over a large area or as a fully integrated illuminated ceiling or wall. Tridonic offers this OLED module system in QUADRATIC and RECTANGULAR versions with an extremely low height of less than 2.5 mm. Their use is lighting applications is made easier by combining them with an adaptive driver system. The low-profile LUREON REM modules are suitable, for example, for integrating in furniture or presentation walls – there is then no need for external illumination.

The LUREON REP OLED modules are efficient OLEDs for professional lighting applications. They provide an entry point for organic light in high-performance lighting applications. The LUREON REP series with the quadratic design represents an integrated OLED module system with first-class product characteristics. The system offers high luminance and efficiency. The optimised diffuse output optics contribute to the high performance of the light module. LUREON REP modules are used wherever uniform professional-level light is required. Typical applications include professional long-run luminaires and square illuminated surfaces of various dimensions. Different mechanical integration options make it easy for the modules to be used to create large-area high-performance lighting. Here, too, adaptive driver systems are used to ensure smooth integration.

About Tridonic:
Tridonic, headquartered in Dornbirn/Austria, develops, manufactures and markets equipment for a wide range of light sources, lighting management systems, LED solutions and connectors. Through its active partnership, outstanding service competence and technical expertise Tridonic enables its customers to implement lighting solutions of superior functionality and economy.
In the 2010/11 fiscal year, 2300 employees in 30 locations achieved sales of 437 million euros. More than 250 development engineers create intelligent lighting concepts based on sophisticated systems and products. More than 570 inventions and over 2000 patents are ample evidence of the powers of innovation of Tridonic. Customers include luminaire manufacturers, manufacturers of products that incorporate lighting, architects, electrical system designers, lighting planners, electrical contractors and wholesalers.
The history of Tridonic stretches back more than 60 years and is a success story with many highs. Today, true to its slogan “enlightening your ideas”, Tridonic is synonymous with outstanding products and services related to the fascinating subject of light.

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