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TSMC Solid State Lighting Unveils TRx-series Light Module for Package-free PoD Applications

TSMC Solid State Lighting pioneered the package-free LED module with Phosphor-on-Die (PoD) technology in 2012. Again leading the industry, TSMC Solid State Lighting today announces its release of its first package-free PoD LED product, the “TRx-series” modules. The product will be launched at the 2013 Hong Kong Lighting Fair Autumn Edition, where a demonstration will be made.

Our package-free LED module utilizes TSMC Solid State Lighting’s own flip-chip LED die structure. Using an advanced process, phosphor layer encapsulates the die without additional packaging, creating the emitting device. This new form of LED packaging delivers high lumen density in a tiny size, 150-degree wide viewing angles, consistent color temperatures, and allows a variety of package choices at different lumen levels with high voltage building block. In addition, this new LED packaging method both simplifies the design of lighting products and makes the design of entirely new lighting products possible by removing limitations of conventional LED packages.

Package-free LED unit with PoD (Phosphor-on-Die) technology
The small form factors and high lumen densities of PoD are well suited for MR16 and GU10 lamps as well as for other lighting products requiring similar characteristics. In real case, TSMC Solid State Lighting has designed the TRx-series light modules for MR16 and GU10 lamps. The TR-x series modules are designed to meet superior light quality requirements, comparable to traditional lamps, e.g. clean focus beam eliminating multi-shadow images and high center beam candle power (CBCP). These benefits will enable lights manufacturers to deliver better products and accelerate their time to market.

The new TRx-series includes the new TR5 and TR7, are designed to meet the requirements of the traditional 25 W and 35 W equivalent MR16 lamps, respectively.

These products implement the following key features:
•    Single beam source eliminates multi-shadow effects that are found in other multi-emitter MR16 modules
•    Exceeds Energy Star center beam candle power (CBCP) requirements
•    Small light output surface area, leaving more space for improved heat sink capacity and increased optical design flexibility
•    Simple and reliable module design

Dr. Jacob Tarn, President of TSMC Solid State Lighting, states, “The successful development of package-free PoD technology and the implementation of our TRx-series light modules is an innovation milestone for our company. Our LED products will continue to meet customer expectations and deliver high performance versus cost. We have adopted “New Lighting New Thinking” as our company motto, and in this spirit we intend to not only meet customer expectations, but to exceed them. Our innovative package-free PoD modules demonstrate TSMC Solid State Lighting’s achievement and strong capability to innovate.”

TSMC Solid State Lighting will unveil the new PoD modules and provide product demonstrations at the 2013 Hong Kong Lighting Fair Autumn Edition, Oct 27 – 30.
Come visit our booth 1CON-027 located in Hall 1 Concourse at the fair. A product release and networking reception will be held at 2 - 3:00 pm on Oct 27 at the 3C OASIS exhibition hall. For more about the fair visit

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About TSMC Solid State Lighting:
TSMC Solid State Lighting Ltd. (TSMC SSL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (NYSE: TSM), the acknowledged semiconductor dedicated foundry segment leader with market capitalization exceeding US$95 billion. TSMC SSL offers leading-edge solutions to lighting customers that combine TSMC’s expertise in semiconductor manufacturing and rigorous quality control with its own integrated capabilities spanning epi-wafers, chips, emitter packaging and extensive value-added modules and light engines.