Products, Materials + Tools | Nov 04, 2010

Ultra Small Tricolor Chip-type LED (HSMF-C118) from Avago

The HSMF-C118 tricolor chip-type LED is designed in an ultra small package for miniaturization. It is the first of its kind to achieve such small packaging for 3 dies. With the freedom to have any combination of colors from mixing of the 3 primary colors, this will yield a wide variety of colors to suit every application and product theme.

The small size, narrow footprint, and low profile make this LED excellent for back-lighting, status indication, and front panel illumination applications.
In order to facilitate pick and place operation, this ChipLED is shipped in tape and reel, with 3000 units per reel. The package is compatible with IR soldering and binned by both color and intensity.


• Common anode
• Small 3.2 x 2.7 x 1.1 mm package
• Diffused optics
• Red/Green/Blue color combination
• Available in 8 mm tape on
7 inch (178 mm) diameter reels
• High brightness using AlInGaP and InGaN die technology
• Compatible with reflow soldering


• Backlighting
• Status indicator
• Front panel indicator
• Office automation, home appliances, industrial equipment



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