Products, Materials + Tools | May 27, 2015

With Five Tailored White LEDs, Sharp Lights Path to Success for Retailers

Sharp Devices Europe has launched a new line of Tailored White LEDs as part of its Mega Zenigata platform. The new models are available as COB LEDs or integrated Intermo modules. Separate LEDs have been specially designed for four grocery applications targeted at the product categories meat, bread, fresh fish and vegetables. The 3000 K retail version rounds out Sharp’s new family of dedicated-purpose, high-CRI LEDs for retailers, giving sparkling whites as well as vibrant colours.

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, retailers with physical locations are eager to enhance their offline retail experiences for consumers. Sharp’s latest LEDs are a new way for bricks and mortar stores to truly shine. The new Tailored White family meets the unique requirements of specific products in the fashion and grocery segments by employing innovative phosphor technology and precise wavelength control. These new Mega Zenigatas also deliver high-CRI lighting for outstanding overall colour quality with all the efficiency and low maintenance costs LEDs are known for.

The model optimized for grocery meat cases has a CCT rating of 2000 K, with the bread, vegetable and fresh models coming in at colour temperatures of 2400 K, 5100 K and 5400 K respectively. Although the Tailored White family claims Ra values as high as 97 and efficiencies up to 97 lumens per watt, it is the innovative matching of the LEDs characteristics to the produce and goods on sale that puts retailers’ wares in the best light.

When supplied as integrated Intermo modules, Sharp Tailored White LEDs ensure simple and fast integration into luminaires and lighting designs while reducing development and inventory costs. Sharp Intermo modules attach to the heat sink with just two screws, support a wide range of reflectors, and ship with integrated thermal interface material and solder-free connections.

The full range of Tailored White models for grocery and retail are now available from Sharp Devices Europe. For additional information, please visit

About Sharp Devices Europe (SDE):
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