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YUJILEDS Releases a New Generation of High Power RGBWW LEDs with High CRI

YUJILEDS lab has announced the state-of-the-art R&D results in the high CRI monochromatic tunable spectrum field. Based on the superposition of spectrum, the new product of 7070 LED, integrated 5 channels - red, green, blue, cold white and warm white within one packaged LED. The technology is mainly required in photography and film lighting, but also has a potential for any areas that demand various colors or CCTs, like entertainment venue or horticulture lighting.

Saturated Monochrome & High CRI:

White light is usually used as a supplement to resolve the low CRI situation when RGB LEDs are applied alone. However, there is still color fading when acquiring other CCTs by tuning the spectrum compared to the original white light. Adding a second white light source provides a further solution to ensure all the white light at CCTs between that of cold and warm white light to obtain the same high level CRI (min Ra 95).

Enhanced brightness:

The lead frame of the new LED is designed by Yuji to satisfy the requirement of high luminance. With the current of each channel up to 150mA, the highest output luminous flux could be 43 – 48lm for white and green, 22lm for red and 10.5lm for blue which are 100% higher than conventional 5050 LEDs. Benefiting from the compact integration, it is easier for circuit design and offers the ability for applications requiring high luminance density.

Optimized chromaticity consistency:

Powered by the 3rd generation chromaticity technology by YUJILEDS® a detailed introduction can be found in "Less is more - YUJILEDS® releases its 3rd generation of chromaticity bin"), the new LED has an even more reduced bin area and thus better color consistency. Remaining the first-class performance of CRI, it is skilled at fields demanding high color reproduction including photography. With tight wavelength tolerance, it can achieve a more stable CIE gamut, resulting a more accurate color representation in the "triangle" area.

Customization feasibility:

Besides the standard version of red, green, blue, cold white and warm white, the 7070 LED is open for customizing specific color channels. Options are flexible for designers to define their own color combinations for matching different applications.

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About Beijing Yuji International Co., Ltd:

YUJILEDS is known for its red LED phosphor materials with superior brightness and stability, having established key partnerships around the globe, including Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. In order to build upon our phosphor expertise and address the higher-end lighting markets requiring the highest color quality white LED devices, Yuji began offering its own line of packaged LEDs and solutions, with full spectrum LED, daylight LED, custom LED and expertise solutions of special lighting. We manufacture LED products for specialty applications demanding full or specialized spectrum coverage. -