Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 28, 2011

ZEMOS LED Comes Up with New Patented ZEMOS 9090 Package for Extreme Capabilities

Patented in 2009, the ZemosLED Power Package uses advances in technology to significantly increase the life span of LEDs, the most energy efficient and longest lasting light source available. A result of three years of intense research and development by our engineers with over 20 years of LED experience, the ZemosLED Power Package has unprecedented thermal management capabilities.

• Proprietary solid copper package with silver plating.
• High luminous flux, up to 130 lm/W
• Low thermal resistance of just 5℃/W
• Large 9mm x 9mm area effectively dissipates heat into underlying PCB
• Non-protruding lens of low viscosity silicon is less susceptible to damage, and puts less stress on bonding wires.
• Reflow solderable
• Available CRIs of 65 to 95
• Maximum recommended drive current of 1000mA
• SiC based LED substrate
• Lifespan of up to 80,000 with proper heat sinking

We rigorously test 100% of our power package products for a minimum of 72 hours. Our unique testing process includes boiling Zemos 9090 packages in an ink solution where defective LEDs are identified and discarded. This protocol eliminates any chance of leakage due to humidity and moisture that can penetrate other LEDs.

As a result of stringent testing and superior quality, we ensure our LED's performance up to 80,000 hours on applicable models that implement our ZemosLED Power Package. Other models in our line of products have a minimum life span of 50,000 hours.

• ZemosLED only uses materials that are 100% eco-friendly.
• They contain NO mercury or other hazardous materials which require proper disposal.

The Zemos9090 package disperses heat in the most effective manner to prevent a sudden rise in Junction temperature. ZemosLED is able to achieve this through state of the art thermal design of the LED package. Unlike conventional LED package structures that use a combination of an Epoxy resin cover and a thin copper slug, the entire substrate of the Zemos9090 package is pure, thermally-conductive copper. Therefore, Zemos9090 products disperse heat fast and efficiently, keeping junction temperatures steady.

Various tests, performed in different environmental settings, have demonstrated that it generally it takes tens of thousands of hours for Zemos9090 LEDs to lose 30% of their Lumen output. Zemos9090’s revolutionary thermal and optical designs easily meet LM80 test criteria. ZemosLED will soon publish LM-79 and LM-80 test results, along with EnergyStar certifications.